Monsanto offers cash to U.S. farmers who use controversial chemical

Monsanto’s cash-back offer comes as federal and state regulators are requiring training for farmers who plan to spray dicamba in 2018 and limiting when it can be used. Weed specialists say the restrictions make the chemical more costly and inconvenient to apply, but Monsanto’s incentive could help convince farmers to use it anyway.

Don Huber talks to farmers about Glyphosate

A Precautionary Tale

How One Small Town Banned Pesticides, Preserved Its Food Heritage, and Inspired a Movement,” by Philip Ackerman-Leist, is a story of direct democracy in action. Ackerman-Leist’s book serves as a lesson to all of us on how to fight back, and why we must.

Pastured Poultry: Better Way Forward - 8 minutes

Pastured Poultry: Better Way Forward is a short film documenting pasture-raised as a better method of production for everything involved. The land. The birds. The people.

Monsanto's Roundup Causes Antibiotic Resistance—a Fact That's Not Considered by Regulators

Antimicrobial resistance could cause up to 10 million deaths every year.

Dr. Heinemann notes, “These products are sold in the local hardware store and may be used without training, and there are no controls that prevent children and pets from being exposed in home gardens or parks. Despite their ubiquitous use… herbicides may be undermining the use of a fundamental medicine-antibiotics.”

What’s Making Our Children Sick?
Arty turns 11 this summer.