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Can't understand why anyone would support a very rich individual who flaunts their superiority and wealth by calling said supporters dumb, illiterate and so stupid that he can go out kill someone and they will still support me. Where is your piece of the pie when you're relegated to work part time at Walmart, Denny's and fast food joints not for pleasure but to pay bills and put food on the table....sound familiar? Man, that's some kind of hatred to destroy one's self just to get back at those you despise......HMMMM

I at one time owned a 6 unit apartment in the Finerlakes area and actually despised those I deemed lazy and good for nothing but after renting to Section 8 tenants, the true stories came out, many attempting to get off social service were told that they made $5 too much so were disqualified from receiving help, so guess what? stay home and let the government take care of you....this political Conservative narrative that we lack jobs in America is somewhat false, we Americans are above menial jobs and allow the very people who holds down said jobs to be deported. I'll agree with deportation, maybe this action will force us to get off our a&$#@ and do our American duty..work for less than $30.00 and hour starting salary. About time we get rid of this blame game toward one another and reform Capitol Hill by voting them out of office.....but if working menial jobs at 65 to etch out a living works for ya....continue on soldier.


Just got off work I see. 66 years old and still working to pay the rent. By this age, you should have a paid off home, a new truck and sitting around enjoying the grands....must be a Trump supporter but cheer up, the check is in the mail along with a notification of your personal thanks for voting for him. grin
I know how to bring out the buffoonery of A Trump supporter.State Fact