What a difference one year makes. Trump supporters were just coming off a victorious election in November but sadly the celebration ended on January 20,2017 when they realized one of the lowest inauguration attendance but as of December 4,2017, they can't let it go. Lost the popular vote by 3 million but as of December 4,2017, can't let it go. Found the president involvement in Russian affairs related to America's safety to be true but called it all fake news until last Friday when a fired cabinet member plead guilty but as usual, they can't let it go and now lie. Liberals are watching the slow but continual demise of this current administration go down in shame and disgrace but Republicans are too embarrassed to admit that they voted for the worse president in history but......it's your Constitutional right to state your position, which you all did back in November of 2016 but realistic illegal events currently taking place definitely allows you to now OWN it!!!! laugh
I know how to bring out the buffoonery of A Trump supporter.State Fact