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Macron Confirms Plan to Ban Glyposate Herbicides within 3 Years

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday said he would take all measures necessary to ensure that weed-killer glyphosate is banned in France as soon as an alternative is available and at the latest within three years.


Scandal erupts around German glyphosate vote

Pesticide Action Network Europe’s environmental toxicologist Angeliki Lysimachou commented on the 5-year renewal of glyphosate: "Although this might seem an improvement compared to the original 15-year proposal, it does not address the concerns of Europeans and provides no guarantee that the general public and the environment will be protected from the harmful effects of this chemical. This decision reveals once again the sad truth that governments are more keen to protect the highly profitable pesticide industry than the health of their people and the environment."


Glyphosate renewed for a further five years

However, some of the more progressive Member States will be taking action on their own behalf. Most notably, France will be introducing its own restrictions on glyphosate use.

PAN UK will continue to work with our colleagues across the EU to reduce the use of glyphosate and other pesticides that pose risks to human health and the environment.


WHO To Farmers: Stop Giving Your Animals So Many Antibiotics

The WHO has now issued its first formal guidelines for how these drugs should be used on farms. According to these guidelines, antibiotics cannot be used to promote faster growth or merely to prevent disease in healthy animals. The WHO called on veterinarians to avoid the use of antibiotics that are most critical in human health. The agency also wants governments to ban the use in animals of any new antibiotics that scientists may discover in the future.


Eat Your Organic Spinach (But Avoid Conventional)

The USDA recently retested conventional spinach for pesticides, having last tested it in 2008. In the last decade there has been a sharp increase in pesticide residue on the crop. USDA samples show more pesticides by weight on spinach than any other crop, including up to 16 pesticides and metabolites of pesticides found on each sample. Permethrin, linked to ADHD in children, was among the most alarming residue found—and on 75% of the samples. Spinach also appears to be particularly “good” at taking up DDT residue left in the soil, a pesticide banned in the 70s. DDT residue was found on half of the spinach samples.


Find the GMO Apples!

Intrexon, the company marketing the apples, won’t tell us which stores are selling them.

The company also won’t label its apples “GMO” because, according to Intrexon’s CEO: “We didn’t want to put ‘GMO’ and a skull and crossbones on the package.”


Demand Real Organic Food from Real Organic Farmers

ign the Proxy Asking Major Retailers to Offer Genuine Organic Choices


Large Certifiers, the USDA, and Industry Lobbyists Collude

Even though current organic regulations require careful stewardship of soil as a prerequisite for certification, the USDA/NOP quietly allowed CCOF to certify Driscoll’s, the largest berry producer in the United States, and over 100 other entities, for hydroponics/container growing. This was in spite of the fact that the NOSB had already clearly stated that hydroponic production does not qualify as organic. However, in a big favor to corporate interests, the NOP has never implemented the tougher NOSB recommendations.


MAA: “Great article on how Glyphosate impacts the body.”

Glyphosate & Roundup Inhibit Vitamin D And Cause Nutritional Deficiencies


Non-GMO diets could dramatically improve health problems!

RT America’s Ashlee Banks speaks with Jeffrey Smith in this brief segment about the health harms linked to eating genetically engineered foods and synthetic pesticides.


HEALING FROM GMOs (and Roundup®) - Learn from the Experts

Nov 29th – Dec 5th


Why Is Glyphosate Sprayed on Crops Right Before Harvest?

Wiebe believes the use of glyphosate on wheat may be connected to the rise in celiac disease. “We've seen an explosion of gluten intolerance," he said. “What's really going on?"

“Can you imagine the public's response if they knew that glyphosate is being sprayed on the oats in their Cheerios only weeks before it is manufactured?" Ehrhardt asked.


From Dietitians for Professional Integrity...

Sugar Industry Long Downplayed Potential Harms

The sugar industry funded animal research in the 1960s that looked into the effects of sugar consumption on cardiovascular health — and then buried the data when it suggested that sugar could be harmful, according to newly released historical documents.

The internal industry documents were uncovered by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, and described in a new report in the journal PLOS Biology on Tuesday. The report’s authors say it builds on evidence that the sugar industry has long tried to mislead the public and protect its economic interests by suppressing worrisome research, a tactic used by the tobacco industry.

The documents show that in 1968…

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