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You just can't dispute the facts I posted old man so your trying to divert the conversation! Just admit you were beat at your own game and go to bed for the night! You can try again tomorrow but the indisputable facts will be still there! It is what it is! Typical! When you get arrested for something it's not your fault! It's always somebody else!

I've not attempted to dispute you because I'm having a problem keeping up with your posts, seven different topics in seven different counties and sadly you appear flustered due to the fact that no one wishes to go into the high weeds with tin foil hat to play with you.
Lastly , you're babbling now and it doesn't fare well with someone that supposedly has education, culture, wealth and wisdom.

Re: The Trump defect continues! MORE WHINING!

Just in case you wonder how I won the debate an hour ago. Good night. laugh