GMO Apples Hit Store Shelves This Week—but Where?

This month, up to 400 Midwest grocery stores started quietly testing packages of sliced “Arctic Apple” GMO apples.

Intrexon, the company marketing the apples, won’t tell us which stores are selling them.

The company also won’t label its apples “GMO” because, according to Intrexon’s CEO: “We didn’t want put ‘GMO’ and a skull and crossbones on the package.”

TAKE ACTION: Help us find the GMO apples! Join the scavenger hunt, November 7 – December 1, to locate the stores selling GMO apples. Sign up here and we’ll send you instructions, talking points, etc.

The Arctic Apple is one of the first GMOs to be marketed directly to consumers instead of farmers. It was created for purely cosmetic purposes to never brown, no matter how old or rotten it is.
In other words, it’s completely unnecessary.

It’s also risky. The Arctic Apple was developed using a technology that many scientists worry may have unintended, negative consequences—for our health, and the environment.

So why make a GMO apple that consumers don’t need or want? To generate profits for companies like Intrexon.

And guess what? If consumers, many of them unaware they’re buying a GMO product, buy enough of these apples, and generate enough profits for Intrexon, it could open the floodgates to other new risky and unlabeled GMO foods that Big Ag wants to force onto your plate.

The only way to show companies like Intrexon that we don’t want their GMO apples is to not buy them—and convince grocery stores to not sell them.

But first, we have to find them.

US: Moms Across America call for total glyphosate ban

Moms Across America is now pushing for a ban and says it has support from Organic Consumers Association, Institute for Responsible Technology and Thinking Moms Revolution.

“European Member States, after considering volumes of scientific studies and numerous testimonies by lawyers and researchers, have refused to renew the license for glyphosate. If it is not safe for Europeans, and Malta, Sri Lanka, and Argentina who have banned glyphosate, then we do not want glyphosate in our United States,” says Zen Honeycutt, Executive Director of Moms Across America.

“We urge our governors to take bold steps like the Governor of Arkansas and Missouri did in banning Dicamba, and ban glyphosate herbicides and toxic chemicals immediately.”

Jonathan Latham: “The latest article based on the Poison Papers, which are 20,000+ documents from the chemical industry and their regulators. This piece was originally published by BuzzFeed Germany.”

Years Before Vietnam, the Chemical Industry Knew About Dioxins

But the letter from the Monsanto physician, stamped “Confidential”, is dated 1956, well before the Vietnam war. It is part of an extensive correspondence between German chemical manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim and US chemical group Dow. From such correspondence it can be concluded that the chemical industry knew of what one called “the extraordinary danger of the tetrachlorobenzodioxin”, yet kept it secret.

The 2018 Whole Seed Catalog ( U.S., Canada, And Mexico)

Governor Brown: Ban Glyphosate in California!

Watch this short two minute video. Multiple tax deductions taken away from you, but corporations keep the deductions. Who is running your country? Corporations. Who is pushing the gmo and vaccine agendas? Corporations.

Rep. DelBene Shows How GOP Tax Plan Favors Corporations Over People

Dr. Michelle Perro, M.D

She's an Integrative Pediatrician, and an advocate for children. Around the year 2000, Dr. Michelle Perro, M.D., noticed that kids weren't as robust, noting a stark increase in digestive dysfunction, immune dysfunction, and neurologic dysfunction. She saw an unbelievable decline in children's health and is talking to Jeffrey Smith about it.
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