The Doctors TV Show, 10:00 a.m. this morning.

Jeffrey Smith on National Television this Wednesday, November 8th

On Wednesday, November 8th, watch Jeffrey Smith on the national TV show, The Doctors, in an hour-long episode discussing Monsanto and its herbicide, Roundup. Jeffrey, bestselling author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette, is a leading spokesperson on the health dangers of GMOs and Roundup, and the ways Monsanto manipulates science to cover up health impacts.

Also appearing is Brent Wisner, a lead attorney in federal litigation against Monsanto, in which thousands claim that exposure to Roundup caused non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The litigation forced Monsanto to release documents, emails, and texts, which, according to Wisner’s firm, “tell an alarming story of ghostwriting, scientific manipulation, collusion with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and previously undisclosed information about how the human body absorbs glyphosate. These documents, which Monsanto does not want you to see, provide a deeper understanding of the serious public health consequences surrounding Monsanto’s conduct in marketing Roundup.”

Teri McCall, a plaintiff in the case, will also be on the show. Teri’s husband Jack, accompanied by the family dog Duke, regularly sprayed Roundup around their farm. Jack died of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, while Duke died of lymphoma.

Jeffrey Smith, the founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology, first appeared on The Doctors in 2015, after the World Health Organization’s expert committee made the determination that Roundup’s active ingredient glyphosate probably causes cancer. In that show, he faced off against Donna Farmer, Monsanto’s senior toxicologist, who dismissed the herbicide’s link to cancer saying, “I mean this very honestly, I am extremely highly confident in this product.” But according to Monsanto’s secret documents, says Smith, Farmer was far from confident in private.

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