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This is what Trump's going to do which is driving the economy!

Yes I'm rolling on my garage floor laughing my behind off. Where is the infrastructure such as new bridges, new roads all which stimulate job growth? Last month's job growth was negative 33000 in case you didn't notice. Let admit that Trump doesn't factor into the DOW, while he focuses on covering his continued lies and tweeting.
Do you think the hurricanes and floods down south might have something to do with it? DUH! Trump has a major effect on the DOW Dumbo! What do you think is driving it? Corporate growth and earnings because they know they have a president who will cut regulations,taxes and spur improvements! Just the opposite of Obama!

Just look at you go... what a hypocrite.

You patently discount out-of hand, the effects that natural disasters play on such things as NFL television ratings, yet you immediately play the 'disaster TRUMP card' when it better suits your biases.

Apply a standard and stick to it, would ya?


Just look at you go... what a hypocrite.

Master Timbo, it's no different than you spreading your
manure about gun control, and then you turn around an claim to be a GUN DEALER...you hypocrite!
Luke 8:17

James 1:12