I'm attempting to figure out your logic, I voted for bernie but he lost the primary, so I assume that you ignorantly determine the next bet was to vote for Hillary. Let be straightforward Trump won and he currently is the worst president in modern times, an approval rating of 35 %, unhappy in his third marriage,has the mental capacity of a school age boy, thinned skinned, an habitual liar. I have a chronic leg pain which keep me up at night, Trump can't sleep because he's restless, preoccupied with lies, retaliation and petty fighting.....tell me son, why do I get this uneasy feeling every time the fool opens his mouth while pushing the world toward world war 3? No son, being a sore loser isn't even close, lets try me being embarrassed for trump supporters who won;t admit that they support an utter failure who ultimately fails the whole world. Outside the fear that my grandchildren will lose out, I smile like a Cheshire cat because the disaster you voted into office, just failed the nation and I actually feel sorry that somehow when the hammer comes down, you falsely assume that all White males will be exempt from the impending doom.