Hey, hey, why all the anger and profanity? I know, along with Trump, you supporters are frustrated, angry and see the solace for peace of mind waning. Gun debates will go on forever but the problem for you and other ardant gun fanatics, you have no answer but to procure more guns which in turn, produce more crimes and deaths. You can argue all day about the second amendment but stated as such, "The right to bare" what part gives you or any said person to right to pick and chose those that can and those that can't? Exactly....thus the reason your stance is moot as well as fruitless. No one will ever back down...by the way in another right, stating one's opinion. Remember Sir, there seems to a be a disconnect in regard to if guns are legal or not in 50 states.......lets make guns legal in all 50 states and let the fun began. Did you know that there was less crime in the supposed wild West when everyone had guns?

Yes Sir, our current gun laws are working fantastically....(In the voice of Trump"