If confirmed as director of the EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, Dourson will be in a position to set safety levels for many of the same chemicals his company was paid to defend, including nine pesticides scheduled for scrutiny and 20 industrial compounds that may be evaluated under the recently updated chemical safety law.

Dourson would also be in a position to make decisions affecting chlorpyrifos, another pesticide he’s been paid to research, which can cause memory, intelligence, attention, and motor problems in children. Based on numerous studies that found that very low doses of the pesticide can harm children’s brains, the EPA proposed banning chlorpyrifos in 2016. In research paid for by Dow, the manufacturer of chlorpyrifos, Dourson came up with a safety threshold that was some 5,000 times less protective than what the EPA recommended for children between the ages of one and two.

Six companies are about to merge into the biggest farm-business oligopoly in history

From that perspective, the mergers are as much about maintaining profit and staying financially healthy as they are about the development of new technologies. It’s not just a case of American farmers needing more technologically advanced tools; it’s also a white flag from big agribusiness companies struggling with the fact that, despite all their efficiencies and inventions, the US market is demanding supplies that let farmers grow more profitable and less complicated organic and all-natural foods.

Whether that trend continues remains to be seen. For now, the mergers are a clear sign that companies that invest in high-tech seeds and chemicals are going through a rough patch, and they think consolidation is their way out of it.

Gluten Intolerance is really GLYPHOSATE POISONING

What if...."gluten intolerance" is really "glyphosate poisoning"?

Gluten has been in wheat since it was first grown. Sure, there have always been folks who have problems digesting wheat or grains with gluten. Today, about 50% of the world have problems with gluten. (1) Something has changed.

That "something" is glyphosate.

How Monsanto Manufactured Outrage At Chemical Cancer Classification It Expected by Carey Gillam

Internal company records show not just the level of fear Monsanto had over the impending review, but notably that company officials fully expected IARC scientists would find at least some cancer connections to glyphosate. Company scientists discussed the “vulnerability” that surrounded their efforts to defend glyphosate amid multiple unfavorable research findings in studies of people and animals exposed to the weed killer. In addition to epidemiology studies, “we also have potential vulnerabilities in the other areas that IARC will consider, namely, exposure, genetox, and mode of action…” a Monsanto scientist wrote in October 2014. That same email discussed a need to find allies and arrange funding for a “fight” – all months before the IARC meeting in March 2015.

Tell Congress: Subsidize Healthy Foods, Not Junk Foods!

October 16 is World Food Day. It’s also the day that Monsanto and its agrochemical cronies will be in Iowa, celebrating the bounties of industrial agriculture (in other words, their massive profits) at corporation-run “World Food Prize” events.

We think there are better ways to celebrate World Food Day. One of them is this: demand that Congress stop propping up Monsanto’s degenerative agriculture, and start supporting an organic regenerative food and farming system that produces healthy food, and heals the planet.

Organic Regulations Should Protect Pristine Environments - Close Regulatory Loopholes that Incentivize the Conversion of Wild Land to Organics

Comment by October 11 to the National Organic Standards Board. Tell the NOSB to support clear language in the organic regulations to eliminate any incentive to convert native ecosystems to organic production.

Moms Across America Update…Glyphosate in Vaccines

We got a response back from the FDA...NOT redacted, (well, just a little bit) with expected, outrageous, negligent lack of action, and also some hints of alarming international connections.


Link to article referenced in video…

Today's Millennial: Tomorrow’s Organic Parent Organic Trade Association survey signals big new wave of organic consumers on the horizon

“Millennials are the largest consumer group in the United States, and they’re choosing organic. As more members of this generation become parents, their presence in the organic market will just get stronger,” said Laura Batcha, CEO and Executive Director of the Organic Trade Association. “This year’s survey findings clearly show the positive relationship between organic and parenting. Exciting times lie ahead for the organic sector. Over the next ten years, we’ll see a surge of new organic eaters and consumers -- the Millennial parents of tomorrow and their children.”

Seneff: “This is wild! Get poisoned with a glyphosate contaminated meal while you also get poisoned with a flu shot at the same time. I guess Big Pharma wants to make doubly sure you stay sick so they can keep making money on their drugs.”

America’s Biggest Monsanto-Led Charity Teams Up With Kroger to Push Flu Shots on Unsuspecting Customers

We are at a time when many organizations have acquired so much money that it makes it possible for them to use the funds to shape public opinion.

And now many companies are either merging (like Monsanto and Bayer) or partnering up like Monsanto and Feeding America, creating a huge interconnected power structure with enough clout and marketing dollars to influence society in unseen ways.

Flu shots for example are declining in popularity because of the side effects and risks associated with them vs. natural and holistic based therapies. But the marketing blitz from companies like Kroger and Feeding America has obscured the lack of independent safety and efficacy testing surrounding these shots.

Ex-Wrigley workers sue over exposure to flavoring chemicals

The ailments of the individuals filings the lawsuits provide only a whiff of the potential safety problems from flavoring chemicals.

Trouble in the fields: Why the superweeds are winning

With thousands of complaints of crop damage across more than 3 million acres in 24 states — including some 100 complaints in Iowa — a longtime University of Missouri plant researcher is calling it possibly the greatest pesticide-caused crop damage in U. S. history.

Stephanie Seneff - Glyphosate in MMR: Does This Explain the Autism Link? (Part 2)

At 18:00 Stephanie talks about glyphosate herbicide in MMR vaccines. Imperative for parents to know!

Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science by Carey Gillam

Investigative journalist, Carey Gillam, left no stone unturned during the two decades of meticulous research which lead to the publishing of her important new book, Whitewash. Mainstream media won’t print it, but here you will find everything you need to know about the dirty tactics used by Monsanto to bias science and influence regulators on both sides of the Atlantic. The company that claimed DDT and PCBs were safe is exposed, once again. Read thoroughly and eat carefully!

“They (Monsanto) bully reporters who don’t follow the narrative. I was told more than once or twice that there were no facts wrong in my story. They said that the problem with my stories was something called false balance. I should not be presenting two sides to a story. I should only be presenting their side.” Carey Gillam

Partial review… “Who should read Whitewash? Anyone with questions and concerns about chemicals. Anyone who eats food, drinks water, visits a city park, gardens in their own backyard, plays golf, or lives near a conventional farm where the owner sprays. And certainly anyone who cares about their health, the health of their family and friends, and the wellbeing of the environment. For glyphosate, the book’s subject, can be found just about everywhere, largely due to its widespread application as both an agricultural herbicide, and one widely used for landscaping.”
Arty turns 11 this summer.