VIDEO OF THE WEEK - 'Farmers for America' Trailer

There’s no escaping it. Food—real food, the kind that actually provides nutrients—comes from farms.

But with the average age of today’s farmer being 60, and young people unable to afford farmland and equipment, who will grow our food?

“Farmers for America,” is a documentary that explores the changing American farm scene and changing consumer trends. The film takes a close look at today’s farmers, and those standing in line to replace them. Can their spirit and energy bring urban and rural America together over our common need for food?

What is Glyphosate, a/k/a Roundup, doing to your Mitochondria?

From 2015, a must watch. At 30:00 Alex gives a list of illnesses associated with mitochondria dysfunction - depression, allergies, asthma, alzheimers, auto-immune, lupus. At 46, these scientists give some tips on healing your mitochondria.

”it’s a very long list, it’s things doctors see everyday in their practice.”

Minding your mitochondria | Dr. Terry Wahls

Dr. Wahls tells her story of her decline into MS and how she found her way back to health. Myelin, the B vitamins, Mitochondria, and the foods she ate to heal herself out of a wheelchair.

Autoimmune Webinar w/ Dr. Terry Wahls, M.D.

France to ban glyphosate weedkiller by 2022, develop alternative

France has decided to set 2022 as a deadline to phase out the use of glyphosate, the controversial active ingredient in one of the world’s most widely used weedkillers, the government said today…

The European Commission has proposed extending the license for the use of the chemical for 10 years, which France has said it will vote against and try to block. “The prime minister… has decided that this product will be banned in France by the end of the government’s term, as well as others that are similar and which are a public health threat,” government spokesman Christophe Castaner told RMC radio.

Jonathan Latham:

“The next time that someone tells you that GMO pesticidal crops use a natural toxin, tell them to read our new peer-reviewed publication.”

“This is the quandary of biotech. Every product must be novel enough to patent and similar enough to sneak through any safety assessment. Somehow, they always hit the sweet spot!”


When they were first introduced it was widely expected that the introduction of GM Bt crops would lead to reductions in insecticide use. This expectation is still asserted by applicants today as balancing the risks of GM Bt crop introductions. Evidence so far suggests, however, that reductions in the application of conventional insecticides have been uneven and transient (eg Benbrook, 2012 Benbrook, C. M. (2012). Impacts of genetically engineered crops on pesticide use in the U.S. – the first sixteen years. What our review draws attention to, however, is that measures of insecticide use, and also the claims for reduced insecticide use made by applicants, have disregarded the Cry insecticides in GM crops themselves. These toxins deserve much greater attention and may be of equal or greater concern than conventional pesticides.


This is going to be a blockbuster book. Check it out!

"Reads like a mystery novel as Gillam skillfully uncovers Monsanto's secretive strategies."—Erin Brockovich

"A damning picture of the peddling of glyphosate...Gillam expertly covers a contentious front." —Publishers Weekly
"A must-read." —Booklist

"Hard-hitting, eye-opening narrative." —Kirkus

It’s the pesticide on our dinner plates, a chemical so pervasive it’s in the air we breathe, our water, our soil, and even found increasingly in our own bodies. Known as Monsanto’s Roundup by consumers, and as glyphosate by scientists, the world’s most popular weed killer is used everywhere from backyard gardens to golf courses to millions of acres of farmland. For decades it’s been touted as safe enough to drink, but a growing body of evidence indicates just the opposite, with research tying the chemical to cancers and a host of other health threats.

In Whitewash, veteran journalist Carey Gillam uncovers one of the most controversial stories in the history of food and agriculture, exposing new evidence of corporate influence. Gillam introduces readers to farm families devastated by cancers which they believe are caused by the chemical, and to scientists whose reputations have been smeared for publishing research that contradicted business interests. Readers learn about the arm-twisting of regulators who signed off on the chemical, echoing company assurances of safety even as they permitted higher residues of the pesticide in food and skipped compliance tests. And, in startling detail, Gillam reveals secret industry communications that pull back the curtain on corporate efforts to manipulate public perception.

Whitewash is more than an exposé about the hazards of one chemical or even the influence of one company. It’s a story of power, politics, and the deadly consequences of putting corporate interests ahead of public safety.

Many U.S. scientists to skip Monsanto summit on dicamba

Missing will be Kevin Bradley, a University of Missouri plant sciences professor who has tracked the number of crop acres nationwide that have been hurt by dicamba sprayings. Bradley said he believed Monsanto was not willing to discuss volatilization.

"I think it's best for me to stay away from that," he said.

(On Netflix, "Bordertown, Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Bandares, the story of NAFTA, the border towns, and the murders of the Women of Javeres.)

NAFTA 2.0: doing harm with ag biotech approval shortcuts

The NAFTA talks are advancing rapidly with very little information available to the public on their content or the possible consequences for fair and sustainable food and farm systems. This is the third in a series of blogs examining the proposals being made by agribusiness firms that take the failed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) as a starting point.

Monsanto Long Term Studies Buried by EPA Revealed! Dr. Stephanie Seneff Explains - 2015

Dr. Stephanie Seneff and host Elaine McFadden, MPH, RD go through disturbing research information uncovered in the 10,000 pages of Monsanto long term studies done decades ago before it was buried by the EPA. A colleague of Dr. Seneff (Anthony Samsel) repeatedly petitioned the EPA for the information. Monsanto did long term studies back then, and it is frightening that the cumulative and destructive results of those studies did not stop the government from approving its use, but instead choose to hide the information from the public. Monsanto learned that if they did studies longer than 3 months the truth starts to reveal itself. Seralini did not start to see the abnormalities until after 4 months and then large tumors after two years:

Join us as we go through many of those results and break it down on how it can impact your body/health.

“It can last for 20 years in the soil under certain conditions.”

Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD, biochemist and molecular biologist, threatened after daring to expose her scientific discoveries, is naming names! This is just the tip of the iceberg...

Free to watch: Vaccines Revealed…

Join us as we expose one of the most controversial topics in healthcare today - Vaccines.

9 farmers die in Yavatmal after spraying insecticide on crops

Kishor Tiwari , VNSSM chief, said, “Nine innocent farmers fell ill and died in hospital after spraying toxic insecticides on their cotton produce to save it from pest attacks. Four other farmers have lost their vision and 70 farmers are undergoing treatment at the government medical college in Yavatmal after spraying the same toxic insecticide.”

Pruitt's Sketchy Use of Taxpayer Money Now Includes Expensive Soundproof Booth

"Critics say Mr. Pruitt has gone to unusual lengths to operate in secrecy at the EPA, where employees report he is often accompanied by armed guards even inside the agency, and avoids making important calls in his office," the New York Times noted.;ts=1506525069

Can You Pick the Bees Out of This Insect Lineup?

How can we save the pollinators if we don't even recognize them?

See the award-winning documentary "Stink!" FREE for next two weeks, courtesy of our promotion with WGN TV Chicago.

Study Shows Climate Change Threatens Soil Organisms Essential to Life

(Beyond Pesticides, September 29, 2017) Protect polar bears and “big charismatic wildlife!” But do not ignore the microscopic organisms essential to ecological sustainability. That is the take from a new study at University of California Berkeley, which, for the first time, links global climate change to the loss of a “shockingly high” number of critical microbial species essential to ecological systems, biodiversity, and organic land management.

E.P.A. Chief’s Calendar: A Stream of Industry Meetings and Trips Home

In just the first 15 days of May, Mr. Pruitt met with the chief executive of the Chemours Company, a leading chemical maker, as well as three chemical lobbying groups; the egg producers lobby; the president of Shell Oil Company; the chief executive of Southern Company; lobbyists for the farm bureau, the toy association and a cement association; the president of a truck equipment manufacturer seeking to roll back emissions regulations for trucks; and the president of the Independent Petroleum Association of America.

The newly released documents, for the first time, create a direct link between Mr. Pruitt’s meetings and actions that the industry wants him to take.

FDA approves genetically engineered ‘pink pineapple’ for sale

Why Hydroponics Is Not Organic - Comment by October 11 at

Monsanto’s Roundup Faces European Politics and U.S. Lawsuits
Arty turns 11 this summer.