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Everything Trump says is confusing. Some comments just more so than others.


CBS News‏Verified account @CBSNews 5h5 hours ago

Pres. Trump alludes to "calm before the storm" in confusing comments http://cbsn.ws/2y4wodD
Good, we'z going WAR!
God, I hope and pray you live to eat those words. When thing are going bad for Trump, he always starts a new controversy to change the subject. If he starts a war, that means things are really bad. This is sort of like the Vegas killer. He doesn't care how many die.

Yeah Kyle, think about this.

All you leftist want to band guns, but on the other hand, all you leftists call President Trump Hitler.

Why in Gods name do you want Guns Band if President Trump is Hitler?

Are all you leftist that short sighted, and or are you all that stupid?
Luke 8:17

James 1:12