Glyphosate-free certification debuts—and brands jump on board

The Detox Project’s fledgling certification program tests raw ingredients and finished products for glyphosate residue.

“We asked, how can we move the industry to start focusing on the problems associated with glyphosate and other toxic chemicals?” says Rowlands, who notes that while vital to the natural industry, the USDA Organic seal and Non-GMO Project Verification seal don’t test finished products for glyphosate residue. “We thought there was big room in the marketplace for such a certification.”

Seneff: “I have published papers on synergistic toxicity of glyphosate with mercury and aluminum. This article is proposing all three of these as a cause of the epidemic we're experiencing in early-onset Alzheimer's, and I agree!”

The “Silent Epidemic” of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s

So what accounts for the remaining roughly 90 percent of people with early-onset Alzheimer’s? The study by Pritchard and Rosenorn-Lanng suggests “environmental factors.”1 Although the study did not specify which environmental factors, some of these could include greater exposure to petrochemicals and toxic herbicides and insecticides.18

Monsanto Conceals Liver Toxicity of Glyphosate Herbicide Formulants

Here was his comment:

“This is very interesting and indeed quite damning with even Monsanto expressing concerns about the potential liver toxicity of Round formulations compared to glyphosate alone.

We would certainly agree with them based on our recently published results!

From my side this makes studies comparing the toxicity of Roundup and adjuvants in formulations a matter of even greater urgency. If the adjuvants at real world levels of ingestion (and we know precious little about this right now!) are a serious source of long term toxicity then we are in even greater trouble than with any active ingredient such as glyphosate since they are found in all pesticides and a huge range of domestic products!” -Dr. Michael Antoniou

This is proof that Monsanto knew that the formulants could cause acute liver toxicity. How do they sleep at night?

This final point is huge. The formulants being a source of serious long-term toxicity is even bigger than glyphosate herbicides being harmful. We have been after glyphosate herbicides like a dog on a bone because it is the most commonly used in the world and 80% of GMOs are engineered to withstand glyphosate. The fact is however, that the formulants, also known as the adjuvants or surfactants, or simply the other ingredients besides glyphosate in the herbicide product, are acknowledged by the Monsanto scientist to be an “issue” which would have to be carefully managed, clearly manipulated. The formulants are likely in every herbicide on the market!

What’s Making Our Children Sick?

Insanely brilliant book by pediatrician and professor of medical anthropology, Michelle Perro out in January. A must read for every parent. You want science - she's got it. You need to connect the dots -- done.

Highwire with Del Bigtree

At 33:00, update from Zen Honeycutt from Moms Across America, glyphosate in vaccines.

Weeding Out Vaccine Toxins: MMR, Glyphosate, and the Health of a Generation By Stephanie Seneff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Vaccines can become contaminated in many ways. One potential source of contamination is the animal tissue (chicken embryo, fetal bovine serum, monkey kidney, etc.) that is used as a culture medium to grow the viruses contained in vaccines. The measles virus for the MMR is grown on gelatin made from the bones and ligaments of commercially raised cows and pigs, animals that have been fed a steady diet of Roundup Ready corn and soy feed. Gelatin is also used as a stabilizer in vaccines, creating another possible route of contamination.

As Roundup producer Monsanto itself has reported, the residue from glyphosate tends to accumulate in the bones, marrow, and collagen-rich ligaments of animals. Anthony Samsel confirmed this finding in his own study of the bones, marrow, and other parts of pigs and cows, as well as the derived bovine gelatin.

Seneff: “Quite a story here by Levi Quackenboss! Be prepared to be entertained and outraged!”

Stop injecting weed killer into your kids - Who’s ready to get pissed off tonight? As if there isn’t enough going on right now.

Zen came back to the FDA this past summer of 2017 with a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) and wanted all documents related to their conversation around her alert that glyphosate is in vaccines. She believes they did test and they do know Roundup is in childhood shots. As their answer to her FOIA request, the FDA had the audacity to send Zen 56 pages that had been blacked out:


Then, in May of 2016, I made my own FOIA request about the use of genetically modified soy– which is designed to withstand a bloodbath of weed killer– in vaccines. I made it very specific: three vaccines, the brands were named, and the date range was four and a half years starting in January 2010. The FDA called me on the phone and the price was astronomical, so I decided to limit my request to one vaccine. Then the FDA sent me this letter about the price of searching for one vaccine:

Stephanie Seneff on Glyphosate, MMR, Infertility, Autism link

Part 1

The long talk was broken down into smaller segments. This particular blog covers the first part, showing link between glyphosate in the gut leading to to autism in the brain.

Other parts of the talk will cover glyphosate that can also come to us through vaccines, and in particular, the MMR vaccine.

This is the second part of the interview where Stephanie Seneff speaks with me on glyphosate.

Stephanie Seneff believes glyphosate in our foods and vaccines to be the first suspect item behind this epidemic of disaster.

Miller Firm to Be Lead Trial Attorneys in First Monsanto Trial, France to Ban Roundup

The first trial addressing the carcinogenic properties of Monsanto’s Roundup® weed killer will begin June 18, 2018, in the Superior Court for the County of San Francisco. The Miller Firm will be the lead trial attorneys. The Miller Firm is also presently accepting new clients who developed non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after exposure to Roundup®. If this has happened to you, please visit the Roundup Lawsuit page to request a free consultation.

The plaintiff in this trial is DeWayne Johnson, a former groundskeeper for the Benicia Unified School District.

A vote on the possible license renewal is due Oct. 4, requiring a majority of member states. While France and Germany have abstained from previous votes, “France will vote against the reauthorization of glyphosate due to the doubts that remain about its dangerousness,” a ministry official said, according to Reuters (

After a 13-year battle, former Health Canada scientist won't get his job back

In his retirement, Chopra founded an organization called the Canadian Council for Food Sovereignty and Health and has been a public speaker and expert witness. He still has concerns about five classes of products used in the food system — hormones, antibiotics, slaughterhouse byproducts used in animal feed, pesticides and genetically modified organisms.

OCA: “More confirmation that organic regenerative farming is the solution to our health and climate crises!🌎☀️🌵 New study finds that organic farms have 26 percent more long-term carbon storage potential than conventional farms, via Civil Eats.”

New Study Shows Organic Farming Traps Carbon in Soil to Combat Climate Change

Organic farms were found to have 26 percent more long-term carbon storage potential than conventional farms.

AUTONOMOUS PLANES now weaponized as pesticide delivery platforms to inundate farmland with toxic chemicals

Dysbiosis: Does Your Dog Have Leaky Gut?

3 Primary Causes Of Leaky Gut

1. Poor Diet
Specifically highly processed, grain based foods containing wheat, rice, spelt and soy, food additives and preservatives; the lectin found in unsprouted grains; sugar; genetically modified foods (GMOs); pasteurized dairy; and meat from stressed factory-farmed animals.

2. Drugs And Other Toxins
This category includes the unnecessary use of steroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), deworming drugs, flea and tick treatments (many contain pesticides) and antibiotics (leading to an imbalance of healthy gut flora, also known as dysbiosis).

3. Over-vaccination
When the body is forced to respond to a vaccine to which it has already established antibodies, this wreaks havoc on the immune system and can cause a number of chronic diseases.
Arty turns 11 this summer.