GMOs Revealed, Episode 10 available until 9 p.m. tonight

“...and what she has found is the scariest thing I’ve seen in my entire career.”

At 40:00 - 59:00, a must see interview, Dr. Les Berenson, M.D. on the effects of gmo foods on our health. He shows the graphs that Scientist and Physicist Nancy Swanson compiled on diabetes, alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, obesity, etc. Flat lines prior to 1996. 1996 on after gmo crops were planted, the rates started going up. He says, “it’s staggering.”

Sweet corn is non-GMO, right? Read on!

New data from a simple survey of 55 vendors in 14 states indicates farmers are planting more GMO sweet corn for the fresh market (corn on the cob) than previously thought. IRT volunteers visited both farmer’s markets and grocery stores. 31 vendors confirmed the sweet corn was GMO; 24 confirmed that it was conventional non-GMO. Not included in the data is the availability of organically grown sweet corn.
Arty turns 11 this summer.