Trump’s Interior Dept To Chop Months Off How Long It Takes To Get An Oil Drilling Permit

Michael Bastasch
2:13 PM 07/24/2017

The Department of Interior plans on cutting wait times for oil and natural gas drilling permits on public lands to just 30 days, according to a senior agency official.

“We do want to shrink it down to 30 days and to make all the processes as short as possible, but at the same time, making sure our environmental stewardship is not breached, all of which is completely doable,” Vincent DeVito, energy policy adviser to Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke, told Politico on Monday.

“We intend to be a better business partner,” DeVito said, “by harmonizing the environmental review process across the board, the one-stop-shopping type of model.”

Republicans and drilling proponents have for years criticized the Obama administration for stymieing energy production on federal lands at a time when output boomed on state and private lands.

If what DeVito says were to happen processing times for oil and gas drilling permits on federal lands would be cut by more than 71 percent.
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