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Why do sooooo many believe in being well-armed with guns but not with actual FACTS?
You sure do have a well-stocked armory of talking-points ammo, don't you?
I love being well armed with my NYS compliant AR-15. Lots of ammo too. Now there is a fact for you.
Think you're the only one sportin'? Think again, Sad Sack.
Hell, I've probably sold more at auction in the past three months than you've ever owned.
A Weapons Analyst, and a Gun Dealer, man this story is getting better by the day.

Mr. Timbo, is there anything you haven't done?

I never stated (nor implied) that I was a gun dealer, did I?

That would seem to be a perpetual problem for you and "Mechanic". Always coming to erroneous conclusions as a result of believing what you prefer to believe, rather than paying attention to the facts at hand. Confirmation bias at it's finest.

As for what I have or have not done. That's merely the result of my personal choices in life vs. yours.

Sucks to be you it would appear. Just don't blame others for your own shortcomings in life.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.