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Trump officials announce 15,000 additional visas for seasonal workers
The one-time increase in H-2B visas — which would be available to workers taking temporary jobs in the seafood, tourism and other industries but not farm laborers — is a seeming about-face from President Trump’s “Hire American” rhetoric and follows heavy industry lobbying.

By Tracy Jan 3 hours ago

Amid uncertainty about McCain’s health, Senate returns with GOP agenda in flux
The Arizona Republican is recovering from eye surgery that required his skull to be opened, but the timing of his return is unknown — and his vote is key to moving the health bill forward.

By Sean Sullivan and Lenny Bernstein 52 minutes ago

6 defenses of Trump Jr.’s meeting — each less credible than the last
Here’s a scorecard (and plausibility rating) of the explanations the White House and its allies have given to support the actions of the president’s son.

By Aaron Blake1 hour ago

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