Poll: Unpopular Trump and Pence Are Still More Popular Than Democrats and the Media

A short and sweet bulletin to kick off your long holiday weekend. As the president flops around in the mud of salacious gossip, petty insults, and alleged blackmail -- and as the Republican Party consumes itself over an unpopular healthcare bill that they can't agree on, and have barely attempted to market to voters, despite seven years of big promises -- a new national survey confirms what one might expect: Donald Trump is an unpopular president:

Voters are souring on President Donald Trump and the GOP, and nearly 75 percent indicate they are either uneasy or alarmed about the way things are going in Washington, according to a Suffolk University/USA Today national poll of registered voters. Trump’s unfavorable rating has risen 8 points, to 55 percent, since a March poll by Suffolk University/USA Today. Forty percent of voters now look on him favorably, compared to 45 percent in March. And 53 percent of voters polled this week disapprove of the job he is doing, compared to 44 percent in March.
His above-the fray Vice President fares a bit better, but isn't exactly crushing it: Pence's favorability rating is just about dead even, at (41/43). And the beleaguered, divided, frustrated Republican Party is in bad shape at (32/55). Historically, Democrats and their "Resistance" base should be primed for a big comeback, their string of special election losses notwithstanding. A blue wave may eventually build, but Democrats are facing one minor problem. Voters dislike them even more than the president they're resisting:

Guy Benson ✔ @guypbenson
USA Today/Suffolk poll


Trump 40/55
Pence 41/43
Dems 35/51
Media 36/50
GOP 32/55
12:11 PM - 30 Jun 2017
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As you can see, the national press -- which has never hidden its disdain for conservatives and outright contempt for Trump -- is treading water alongside the object of their barely-concealed opposition. The president's favorable rating is higher than the media's, although his unfavorable numbers are worse. At (36/50), the public's dim view of the press is almost identical to their negative feelings on Democrats, perhaps appropriately. In another new survey out this week, the national political figure with the worst brand in America is...Nancy Pelosi, whom rank-and-file Democrats continue to support:
Among the overall electorate, 46 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Pelosi, compared with 30 percent who view her favorably, according to a new Morning Consult/POLITICO poll. Pelosi doesn’t fare conspicuously worse than other congressional leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). Ryan is viewed unfavorably by 42 percent of Americans and viewed favorably by 37 percent.
The Morning Consult write-up asserts that Pelosi's numbers aren't "conspicuously worse" than Paul Ryan's, but their data doesn't back that up. He's five points underwater; she's 16 points underwater. She's also energizing to Republicans and toxic with independents:

The Free Beacon reports on GOP data suggesting that Pelosi is especially radioactive in swing districts being targeted by Democrats in 2018. No wonder Republicans are preparing to elevate and nationalize her profile yet again. Parting thought: Despite the unpopularity of the still-incomplete Senate healthcare bill, only 11 percent of respondents in the USA Today poll want to see Obamacare remain in place. Everyone else is split between repeal and major fixes. It's failing:
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