When will liberals learn that it's not OK to launch personal attacks just because you are not able to debate policy?

For what it's worth, I don't condone POTUS tweets and I've never seen one episode of Morning Joe but looking at the replay of all of the insults that Mika & Joe have thrown at Trump and his family over the last six months I'm amazed that he didn't say something sooner! He's not a politician; he hasn't had the formal politician grooming and training his entire life like most others have. He's passionate and quick to punch back when punched first. But that's what makes him different and to a great extent, the reason he is in the office. Most of middle America who voted him in are sick of the "say what you think the people want to hear to the camera and say a totally different thing out the side of your mouth to your cronies" that have occupied DC for so many decades from both parties.

Again, not defending or condoning, but by the same token neither am I surprised or offended.