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- Wow, looks like the crayons have broken, the play dough is full of sand and there appears to be a drastic shortage of therapy dogs. The snowflakes are melting

More pluses: In conjunction with those already listed
- Illegal immigrating is down drastically
- Laws are actually being enforced
- Withdraw from the Paris Accord
- Withdraw from TPP
- Renegotiating NAFTA
- Got NATO allies to increase their funding by making them realize they need us.
- VA employees being held accountable through the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act. This gives Secretary Shulkin the authority he needs to properly deal with or fire VA employees who fail to do their jobs. It shortens a years-long appeals process for disciplined employees and ensures that such employees will not be paid during disciplinary appeals. It also allows Shulkin to deny bonuses to underperforming employees and cut pensions for executives who misbehave. Under the law, VA employees who report misconduct within the organization will be protected from retaliation.

The stock market is making all time records and employment hiring keeps getting better.

Oh, and the House just passed Kate’s Law and made it illegal for sanctuary cities to harbor criminals (which it should have been anyway). But now there is no question that they have to comply with ICE. Of course the Senate and POTUS have to follow through.

Health Care: Pelosi’s double, Mad Max says 400 Billion Americans will lose health care. A more accurate rundown of the reported “deep cuts” in the Medicaid budget are actually just a slightly lower rate of growth than Democrats want, but we’d still be spending 18% more in nine years than we do now. Being that the bill isn’t written yet, anyone complaining will sound as logical as Mad Max.

400 Billion Americans will lose health care.

Mr. Tallcot, you wouldn't happen to know if those 400 billion Americans, are they all human?
Luke 8:17

James 1:12