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Okay, I'll bite.

How's President Trump destroying our democracy?

Kyle, please give examples of events, and or policies that are destroying our democracy
I could give you a 100 more examples if I thought it would do any good.

I didn't read one of your examples, I'm done feeding a troll!

You did not miss anything. he dragged out stuff from months ago that didn't amount to anything. Now that the Russian crap has been debunked and CNN is shown to be in Dems back pocket once again he is trying to rehash the dictator crap again. Ironic that he calls the Pres that is trying to get Congress to work the dictator, meanwhile,"Obama I dont need congress", he calls wonderful President.

He is wackier than a birther and far more entertaining.
Trump removes 100 troops from harm's way and deep staters have a meltdown. Unbelievable.