he Republicans have control of both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate. This man is acting like an out-of-control dictator. You appoint a white supremacist on foreign affairs. Then you sign an order banning Muslims. Trumpís actions resemble those of Hitler rather than an American president. Then again, he had to honor his obligations to his Breitbart supporters, as horrible and despicable as they may be.

Yet you see outrage only from a handful of Republicans. I guess with an election coming up, none want to be seen as anti-Trump. This man only talks to news agencies that are pro-Trump. He is now promoting Fox News, which is no surprise. He seems to hide himself behind his outrageous rhetoric that the other news agencies are liars and donít report on him fairly. Again, I say this man is acting like a dictator. I guess he doesnít want the facts and truth told.

Could it be that this president doesnít want to answer the tough questions as to why he hasnít given up his interest in his businesses? Why hasnít he released his tax returns so Americans can determine whether he has financial interests tied to Russia? And why is he banning only a specific religion from this country?

This president seems exceptionally friendly to Vladimir Putin, whose human rights policies are nothing short of deplorable. It leads one to believe that this president is in Putinís pocket. Only this can explain his bizarre behavior toward a foreign dictator.

Right-wing radio hosts and some Republicans in office accused President Obama of bowing to foreign governments and being weak. Where are the Limbaughs, Hannitys and Savages now on Trumpís love affair with Putin?

They are OK with it. Birds of a feather flock together. They are too busy kissing Trumpís ring and, of course, justifying an American president catering to a foreign dictator. I guess Trump wants to emulate this dictator.

Dallas Ford