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It has not exactly been a great week for Trump in the polls, however. On Tuesday, he reached a new low in a CBS News survey, at 36 percent, with 57 percent disapproving of his job performance. Over the weekend, Trump celebrated finally climbing back up to 50 percent with the right-leaning Rasmussen Reports. But on Thursday that number had fallen back to 46 percent, with 54 percent disapproving.

According to Gallup’s tracking poll, only one other elected president—Bill Clinton—has had an approval rating lower than 50 percent at this stage of a first year in office since records began with Dwight Eisenhower.

Perhaps most worrying for Trump is that support has begun to dwindle among his Republican base, with an 11 percent drop since April.
Polls don't mean crap! They had Hilary winning by double digits! Glad they were wrong though!
baloney. They had her winning by about 3 points, within the margin of error.

Doesn't matter what the polls showed Ms. Clinton lost, and the country's better off she lost.
Luke 8:17

James 1:12