FDA Resumes Testing Foods For Weed Killer, Safety Questions Grow

Sources inside the FDA said agency glyphosate testing resumed in early June and FDA spokeswoman Megan McSeveney confirmed the news this week. Alongside the testing for glyphosate, the FDA laboratories have also said they were analyzing foods for 2,4-D and other “acid herbicides.” Chemical company players have started combining 2,4-D and the herbicide dicamba with glyphosate in new weed-killing products and use is expected to rise, so tracking residues in food is important. But the FDA has provided few details about any of the testing, and what is known has mostly been learned through internal documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests.


Monsanto Spin Doctors Target Cancer Scientist in Flawed Reuters Story

As a Reuters reporter for 17 years (1998-2015) I know the value of an “exclusive.” The more such scoops a reporter garners, the more bonus points and high praise from editors. It’s a system seen in many news agencies and it works great when it encourages dogged, investigative journalism. But powerful corporations like Monsanto also know how eager reporters are to land exclusives and know that handing favored journalists cherry-picked information with the promise of exclusivity can serve their public relations needs quite well. Follow up the hand-fed story with a press release from an industry-funded outlet and calls for an investigation from the industry group American Chemistry Council and you have propaganda gold.

What you don’t have is the truth.


More than one million Europeans stand up against glyphosate

"European citizens aren’t fooled by the pesticide industry’s lobbying efforts or the faulty science it’s peddling. In less than five months, more than one million EU citizens have joined our call for a glyphosate ban and reduced pesticide use throughout the EU. Our politicians need to hear this message loud and clear: they must protect citizens and the environment by banning this dangerous weedkiller and putting us on the path towards a pesticide-free future."


California EPA hearing on Glyphosate - Dr. Anthony Samsel, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Zen Honeycutt and many others, including a few paid Monsanto reps speak at the June 7, 2017 hearing.

Samsel at 15:13 to 21:20. At 20:45 conclusion…

“In conclusion, the fact that glyphosate integrates with human enzymes as published in our last paper, it should be enough reason to ban the chemical completely and also to prevent any level of glyphosate being allowed into the food supply. There should be no glyphosate in the food supply, nor in drinking water, air or soil. Glyphosate is a synthetic amino acid that should have no place in biology. We’re but one biosphere, what affects one, affects all.”

Zen at 21:25 to 27:02.

“We can shift the health of the entire state and country by you setting a no safe level of glyphosate.”

Statement by Stephanie Seneff read at 1:06:00


Dozens Speak Out Against Monsanto’s Roundup at OEHHA Glyphosate Hearing


Monsanto vs California…What’s REALLY Happening to Our Food?…Opinion by Kenneth P. Stoller MD, FACHM

“Adjuvants in pesticides are generally declared as inerts, and for this reason they are not tested in long-term regulatory experiments. It is thus very surprising that they amplify up to 1000 times the toxicity of their APs in 100 percent of the cases where they present. In fact, the differential toxicity between formulations of pesticides and their APs now appears to be a general feature of pesticides toxicology. As we have seen, the role of adjuvants is to increase AP solubility and to protect it from degradation, increasing its half-life, helping cell penetration, and thus enhancing its pesticidal activity and consequently side effects. They can even add their own toxicity.”


Seneff: “This might actually be good news in the long run - the sooner the farmers face catastrophe with their herbicidal assault the sooner we will recognize that herbicides are not the answer in agriculture.”

Crops newly hurt by dicamba - Complaints filed about herbicide

All signs, he said, indicate that the herbicide, during a climate process called inversion, lifted itself off the targeted soybean plants and traveled in warm, humid air to his nearby field.


Epigentic Transgenerational Effects/Inheritance - Tyrone Hayes, Ph.D


Growing Danger: Pesticides, Other Agricultural Exposures, and Cancer: A Conversation with Dr. Tyrone Hayes

Breast and Prostate cancer, how Atrazine changes hormones, smaller breasts in women, desexing frogs, etc. - Starts at 6:00.



This website, designed and maintained by Dr. Tyrone B. Hayes, PhD, is dedicated to informing the scientific community, the activist community, and the public at large about the dangers of the herbicide atrazine.
Regarding the regulation of atrazine, the US Environmental Protection Agency recently stated that "the ultimate decision is much bigger than science" and that it "weighs into public opinion."

We (the public) must play an active role in this regulatory decision.


Tyrone Hayes, Atrazine changes hormones. At 3:00


Looking for more on Hayes? Check out his interviews on You Tube.

EU finally recognises Bisphenol A as an endocrine disruptor for human health

Helsinki/Brussels, 16 June 2017 - The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) today recognised bisphenol A (BPA) as a substance of very high concern because of its endocrine disrupting properties for humans. [1]. This is a big step in protecting Europeans’ health and illustrates the need to speed up the pace in identifying and regulating EDCs at EU level.


Study Suggests Parkinson’s Could Start in Gut Endocrine Cells


Studies Link Monsanto’s Glyphosate to Ocean Death

Today we are getting a much clearer picture, and it may mean throwing out what we’ve been programmed to believe about fossil fuels, CO2 emissions and global warming being the main culprit killing our oceans and planet. Now, according to research by the Marine Pollution Bulletin and others, we can add glyphosate, Monsanto’s Roundup Ready herbicide, to the top of the list.


Glyphosate persistence in seawater


ABC7 News Coverage of Glyphosate in Wine - 2016


List of Genetically engineered food


Seneff: “Brazil will be the first to adopt a new GMO sugar cane! It produces Bt toxin that blows up the stomachs of insects.”

Brazil approves world's first commercial GM sugarcane: developer CTC

Brazil has approved commercial use of a genetically modified sugarcane, setting a milestone for the country's highly competitive sugar industry as this is the first time such permission has been granted anywhere in the world.


Zen Honeycutt's latest article on glyphosate - California's hearing on allowable levels for labeling as a carcinogen. Check out the two minute video so you'll understand just how pervasive glyphosate is in our food supply.

Monsanto's Roundup Under Fire in CA


Trump to Force Toxic GMOs on other Countries

In other words, if other countries reject our GMO exports, that hurts American business, and we can’t have that. It doesn’t matter if what we export is poisoning children and adults as well, buy it or face a fight. And all this is promoted as a means to help rural America.


Herbicide Glyphosate found in Pet Foods - 2015

Fox: “Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide which contains the active ingredient glyphosate, recently designated a possible carcinogen, is actually absorbed by GM (genetically modified) crops genetically engineered to be resistant to this herbicide. Most corn, soy, sugar beet, cotton, and canola produced in the U.S. is GM, as is much imported rice. Glyphosate is also used to dessicate wheat and other crops before harvesting.

My concerns about this herbicide, among others, getting into the food chain and in what we consume ourselves, feed to farmed and laboratory and zoo animals, and to our dogs and cats have been recently confirmed. Research scientist Dr. Anthony Samsel, Deerfield, NH has shared some of his findings prior to his scientific report being published. Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) the accepted EPA method of analysis, he found levels of glyphosate ranging from 0.022 – 0.30 mg/kg in cat and dog foods. Brands evaluated, all of which tested positive, were in manufactured cat and dog foods from several manufacturers: Purina Cat Chow Complete, Purina Dog Chow Complete, Purina Beyond Natural-Simply Nine, Rachel Ray Zero Grain, Rachel Ray Nutrish Super Premium, Iams Proactive Health, 9 Lives Indoor Complete, Friskies Indoor Delights.

Dr. Samsel informs me that the pet food industry “adds NaNO2 (sodium nitrite) to some pet foods as a preservative. This is very common and in the presence of glyphosate is deadly. Glyphosate reacts continuously over time with NO2 and produces N-Nitrosoglyphosate which is a nasty carcinogen along with phosphonic acids AMPA and MAMPA. Another scary scenario is Nitrite formation (NO2) from nitric oxide (NO) which is the end product in cells of animals e.g. like macrophages and result of Nitrous acid formation which reacts with glyphosate resulting in N-Nitrosoglyphosate. This is another reason why this stuff needs to be immediately pulled from the market”.

(Title of the peer-reviewed research article by Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff including these findings will be published in September in a special issue of The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry is: Glyphosate, Pathways to Modern Diseases IV: Cancer and Related Pathologies.”

Samsel: “...It is disturbing to also note that N-Nitrosoglyphosate is not the only concern of the metabolites and reaction products found in their animal experiments. Monsanto showed a number of metabolites other than Aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA) which included an unidentified compound known as compound #11 occurring with frequency equal to or greater than N-N-nitrosoglyphosate. We still do not know what that compound is or what its effects might be on biology. In my opinion, Glyphosate should never have been brought to market based on those early studies.”


GMOs What You Need To Know - Dr. Michelle Perro, MD - 2014


Monsanto Admits Injecting Glyphosate a Hazard – Too Bad It’s In Vaccines

Monsanto Toxicologist Donna Farmer recently made the following statement regarding the toxicity of Glyphosate:
“I’ll give you an example of one of the studies,” she said during the debate, which was aired as part of The Doctors, an award-winning TV show. “They actually injected the Round-Up formulation into the abdomen of the animals and they did have an effect. But that’s not a relevant route of exposure for somebody who is going to be spraying that herbicide. So that’s what we look at and the regulatory agencies look at and, like the other bodies at the World Health Organization. IARC only looks and says, “If I inject it there’s a hazard.” So there’s different ways we look at the data.”


Collective unconscious: How gut microbes shape human behavior


In Certain Social Bees, Gut Microbiomes Follow Phylogeny


An integrated multi-omics analysis of the NK603 Roundup-tolerant GM maize reveals metabolism disturbances caused by the transformation process

Robin Mesnage, Sarah Z. Agapito-Tenfen, Vinicius Vilperte, George Renney, Malcolm Ward, Gilles-Eric Séralini, Rubens O. Nodari & Michael N. Antoniou

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