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The biggest win still continues everyday. No Hillary!

Go Trump!
Cheerleading while Rome burns... Witness the Brilliance! eek
Rome Burns! What a joke! I got a feeling this is all going to blow up in your liberal face costing you liberals the next election too BIMBO!
Such a feeling you have is called whistling in the dark as the rest of the political world more and more thinks otherwise.


Once the untouchable son-in-law in a White House where top aides jockey for the president’s ear, Jared Kushner has now been cast in a new role: reassuring people that he’s not going to resign, while colleagues question whether he can survive politically.

Any victory lap Kushner hoped to enjoy after pulling off a successful presidential foreign trip to the Middle East was cut short after the Washington Post reported that during the transition he discussed setting up a secret backchannel with the Russian Ambassador. He also failed to disclose earlier phone calls with Russian officials, according to a Reuters report.

The backchannel was never established. But the news puts Kushner squarely in the middle of a wide-ranging FBI investigation into whether Trump campaign advisers were working with Russian operatives to influence the results of the 2016 election.
Everybody knows how good your predictions are from your landfill days!