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Another way Trump has left a big mark so far is his impact on job creation. If you haven’t already noticed, Trump has made an incredibly successful business empire for him and his family. So really, if there is any person who knows how to create jobs, it’s Trump. According to Infowars, since Trump took office, there have already been about 300,000-plus jobs created. This happened so dramatically because of Trump’s belief in strong business and his cutting of regulations on large corporations, allowing them to be more flexible in the decisions that they make such as worker selection.

Carrier plant that Trump helped save will cut 300 jobs right before Christmas

Donald Trump may have convinced Carrier not to move its Indianapolis furnace plant to Mexico. But the company is still shipping about 300 of its jobs to Mexico right before Christmas.
by Chris Isidore @CNNMoney May 23, 2017: 1:27 PM ET

Still kept more jobs than Obama.