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Easiest Fact Check Ever: Trump’s Claim That No Politician Has Had It Worse


Barack Obama: People may not remember this, but President Obama was relentlessly accused of not having been born in the United States of America. In my humble opinion, this was pretty ungracious! And here’s an interesting historical detail: One of the ringleaders of the movement to unfairly discredit Obama’s American-ness was future President Trump.

As you can plainly see, Donald Trump, by virtue of not being shot in the abdomen or head, not having his mansion burned down, and not being accused of birth in a foreign country in order to question his legitimacy, is making out pretty good on the spectrum of “being treated fairly.”

Nope Trump is most assuredly having it worse. Nice try on the spin though. If Dems don't stop trying to "get" Trump and start doing their jobs they will continue to lose big.