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When Trump took office, we heard him vow to cut debt by $16 trillion, and he’s well on his way. According to The Washington Post, before Barack Obama took office, the debt was at about $10.6 trillion, and by the time Obama left office the debt was about $18 trillion. Now it’s up to Trump to fix the horrible mess that was left for him. USA Politics Now reports that in just Trump’s first month, debt was cut by $12 billion, and in just a little over six weeks it’s been slashed by an incredible $68 billion. So sticking to his campaign promises and cutting debt by about 0.1 percent every day, we are sure to see a big difference.
Most of this is based on actions from before he took office since he inherited a near full growth economy. If by the end of this year, this pattern continues he deserves the credit.

Economic growth under Obama was 1%, and all Presidential candidates ran on the bad economy in the election.

Nice try on spinning things your way.