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When Trump took office, we heard him vow to cut debt by $16 trillion, and heís well on his way. According to The Washington Post, before Barack Obama took office, the debt was at about $10.6 trillion, and by the time Obama left office the debt was about $18 trillion. Now itís up to Trump to fix the horrible mess that was left for him. USA Politics Now reports that in just Trumpís first month, debt was cut by $12 billion, and in just a little over six weeks itís been slashed by an incredible $68 billion. So sticking to his campaign promises and cutting debt by about 0.1 percent every day, we are sure to see a big difference.
Most of this is based on actions from before he took office since he inherited a near full growth economy. If by the end of this year, this pattern continues he deserves the credit.

Economic growth under Obama was 1%, and all Presidential candidates ran on the bad economy in the election.

Nice try on spinning things your way.
Liberal heads are exploding, so easy. Betty and Tommy sure got triggered.