Guest essay: A closer look at Trump’s accomplishments

Posted May 20, 2017 at 2:01 AM

By Noah Sanchez
So there is no doubt that there has been controversy on Donald Trump’s performance so far as we’ve reached his first 100 days in office. With some people thinking that Trump has done an exceptional job so far and others thinking the opposite, it is difficult to get a reliable polling system set up with the mixed opinions.

According to a Huffington Post poll, Trump’s approval rating is at an all-time low of about 42 percent when last updated April 25. But according to the New York Post, approval ratings don’t matter, saying that the answers and responses you get vary on where you are and who you’re polling.

But there is one thing that opinions can’t win a fight with: facts.

A daily voting poll asked the question, “Do you think Trump has done a good job so far?” and the answers were over 60 percent no and a little over 30 percent yes. At this point in Trump’s presidency, if you rely on the mainstream media reports, then you probably think Trump will go down has one of the worst presidents in history. But here are some facts to consider before you come to a conclusion.

When Trump took office, we heard him vow to cut debt by $16 trillion, and he’s well on his way. According to The Washington Post, before Barack Obama took office, the debt was at about $10.6 trillion, and by the time Obama left office the debt was about $18 trillion. Now it’s up to Trump to fix the horrible mess that was left for him. USA Politics Now reports that in just Trump’s first month, debt was cut by $12 billion, and in just a little over six weeks it’s been slashed by an incredible $68 billion. So sticking to his campaign promises and cutting debt by about 0.1 percent every day, we are sure to see a big difference.

Another way Trump has left a big mark so far is his impact on job creation. If you haven’t already noticed, Trump has made an incredibly successful business empire for him and his family. So really, if there is any person who knows how to create jobs, it’s Trump. According to Infowars, since Trump took office, there have already been about 300,000-plus jobs created. This happened so dramatically because of Trump’s belief in strong business and his cutting of regulations on large corporations, allowing them to be more flexible in the decisions that they make such as worker selection.

These are just some of the many things Trump has done in office so far that benefit America greatly. So before coming to a conclusion on Trump’s performance as president, take these facts into account. It’s a long, bumpy road set out for Trump, but in the end he’s on his way to “make America great again.”

Noah Sanchez is a 14-year-old world news and political writer from Rochester.

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