Seneff: “This is starting to look a lot like the tobacco industry!”

US Court Documents Show Monsanto Manager Led Cancer Cover Up for Glyphosate and PCBs

The same Monsanto manager, Dr. George Levinskas, who helped hide the carcinogenic potential of PCBs in the 1970s, has now been shown, in California court documents released Tuesday, to have also influenced the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the carcinogenic potential of the World’s most used herbicide – glyphosate – in the 1980s.

The documents released are a treasure trove of information on how Monsanto influenced the EPA to change the March 4, 1985 classification of glyphosate as a Class C Carcinogen – showing suggestive potential of carcinogenic potential – to a Class E category which suggests “evidence of non-carcinogenicity for humans” in 1991.

This change in glyphosate’s classification occurred during the same period that Monsanto was developing its first Roundup-Ready (glyphosate-resistant) GM Crops.
Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts

No seeds were lost but the ability of the rock vault to provide failsafe protection against all disasters is now threatened by climate change

U.S. flower sellers rush to destroy illegal GE petunias

Testing continues, but USDA says it has already confirmed nine unwelcome varieties. They are:

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Monsanto in Mexico | Breaking News: Mexican Supreme Court Upholds Lower Court Ban on Transgenic Corn

In the latest ruling, issued earlier today, Mexico’s Supreme Court refused to review an appeals court decision from 2013, which in effect will allow the appeals court to verify the suspension of permits for the planting of GE corn grain and uphold the enforcement of the ban throughout the country. The original decision included a declaration that the benefits of GMO corn remain unproven.

I am posting my translation of a report on the ruling written by Angélica Enciso and Gustavo Castillo for the Mexican newspaper, La Jornada, who broke the story earlier this morning. This is a major substantive victory for the anti-GMO movement in Mexico with huge implications globally. Efforts like this will continue to spread across the globe, including, I hope, north of the border into the centers of origin and diversification of our beloved Turtle Island Corn Belt in the USA.

Congresswoman Pingree leads bipartisan bill to support continued growth in organic agriculture industry

The legislation increases funding for USDA’s flagship organic research program, the Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI), from $20 million to $50 million annually. The program funds applied research projects across the country that help organic farmers improve their operations and meet the growing consumer demand for organic food.

Campaign against pesticides grows - Argentina

“We have many reasons to ban glyphosate once and for all. Its adverse health effects have been proven by many scientific researchers,” María Victoria Dunda, lawyer and member of the Lawyers Network of Fumigated Towns, told the Herald. “It’s an over-the-counter product that’s risky by itself, no matter how it’s used. Using it properly won’t change the fact that it’s a poison that kills everything it touches.”

Dunda is from Santa Fe, where she claims rural schools are frequently hit by glyphosate that is sprayed in nearby farms. Case in point, the number of teachers with a medical leave due to cancer has been steeply growing over the last 10 years, Dunda claimed.

Illegal GM maize found growing in Bolivia

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Pruitt’s EPA Delays New Rules to Protect Pesticide Applicators

(Beyond Pesticides, May 15, 2017) Last week the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under the direction of new Administrator Scott Pruitt, announced that it will delay for one year the implementation of a final rule that revised and updated protections for certified pesticide applicators –the workers who apply the most hazardous pesticides, restricted used pesticides. The new rules require increased training for certified applicators and increase the minimum age of a worker to 18 years, updates to which industry has objected. Against the backdrop of recent high-profile poisonings, the delay requested by industry interests places these workers and the public at continued risk.

“What are we doing IMPORTING corn and soybeans anyway???? We grow millions of acres of corn and soy in the USA!! Oh, That's right, it's 90-95% GMO. And increasingly, Americans do not want GMO. So we have to be dependent on foreign growers/importers who FALSELY label their crops organic to increase the value of the crop by millions of dollars before it gets to us. How about, when we put America first that we FEED America FIRST and GROW ORGANIC!!!! Follow us here: Moms Across America.”

The labels said ‘organic.’ But these massive imports of corn and soybeans weren’t.

But by the time the 600-foot cargo ship carrying them to Stockton, Calif., arrived in December, the soybeans had been labeled “organic,” according to receipts, invoices and other shipping records. That switch — the addition of the “USDA Organic” designation — boosted their value by approximately $4 million, creating a windfall for at least one company in the supply chain.

City Council Approves Switch to Organic Pest and Weed Control

The San Juan Capistrano City Council voted on April 18 to take a non-toxic approach to weed and pest control at city parks and open space areas by directing city staff to develop a new policy that would eliminate the use of weed killers such as Roundup.

Detox Project offers residue-free certification

In a move to provide a means for food and beverage processors to show their products are free of residual glyphosate (an active ingredient in Roundup and other herbicides), The Detox Project has applied and been granted a trademark symbol that processors may use on their labels, provided their products are tested and do not contain glyphosate or AMPA (aminomethylphosphonic acid) residues exceeding the limits of laboratory detection, which is typically between 0.1 and 20 parts per billion (ppb). AMPA is a metabolite of glyphosate.

America's Largest Pension Fund Has Dumped a Fortune Into Monsanto Stock

What is really in the food your dog or cat is eating?

Navdanya welcomes CCI order on buyout of Monsanto by Bayer AG

Patients: Roundup gave us cancer as EPA official helped the company
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