former president bill clinton will speak at the hws graduation this year

wonder if hws president will show bill how geneva now has a 25% poverty rate and the city is in decline while hws buys more and more property taking them off the tax rolls

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Per the Democrat and Chronicle...

"White Plains residents pay the highest total property taxes per capita among cities in New York, while Binghamton has the highest effective property-tax rate in the state, a review today found.

Albany had the highest effective property-tax rate — which is the total raised through property taxes divided by adjusted full value of property — among large cities at 1.22 percent. Overall among cities, Binghamton led the pack at 2.51 percent, the Empire Center for State Policy found.

Among cities, White Plains residents paid the highest per capita taxes at $1,898, and the Westchester County city also had the highest per capita spending at $3,716.

Rye ranked second in property taxes per capita at $1,500 and Yonkers ranked third at $1,381. They are all in Westchester, which has the highest property taxes in the nation. The city of Rochester ranked eight at $2,675 per capita, the group said.

Geneva, Ontario County, had the highest per capita debt at $3,318.

The group calculated the rates through its Benchmarking New York online tool.

“New Yorkers are paying some of the highest property taxes in the country, and Benchmarking New York is a powerful tool that lets them see exactly how their taxes compare to those in other communities,” said Tim Hoefer, executive director of the conservative, Albany-based group.

It found that Lewis County in northern New York had the highest expenditure among counties in New York, at $4,659 per capita. Westchester ranked fourth at $2,670, while Broome County ranked fifth at $2,655.

The small Adirondacks town of Newcomb had the highest expenditure and taxes per capita among New York towns. Among villages, the Fire Island village of Saltaire had the highest expenditures and taxes per capita — a whopping $58,566 per home owner, which totals about 37 year-round residents."

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If you read the "Panther Pride" which was delivered this week I hope you read the article on page 11. I knew that we have a lot of folks who are struggling financially but... Over 55% of the elementary students are eligible for SNAP or Medicaid. The Geneva elementary schools were selected to participate in Community Eligibility Program through June 2018. This means that ALL of the students at West Street and North Street schools are able to eat breakfast and lunch at no cost. It is a federally funded program. While I am happy that these students will no longer face a day without or with very little food I am appalled that in our community there are so many people (including the little ones) who need this help.