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President Trump, is o.uting the traitors in the Republican Party for the RINO class that they have become.
And the Rhino's are tanking, even FOX has turned tabloid. Trump is pure genius, and the USA is now his brand!

This is the Biggest Win yet.
OMG. OMG. This is about the most shocking and disgusting thing I have ever read. If you are right our democracy is doomed and we will be living under dictator Trump for the rest of his life. And then one of his children will take over just they do it under the honorable line of secession in North Korea.

It must be Throwback Tuesday ala 1930's. Tommy's puffed-up more than a traitorous Nazi Brownshirt.

What's next? A "Reichstag Fire" false flag event from the Führer-in-chief?

You 'all never got your big "Reichstag Fire" under Mr. Obama, the good lord knows, Mr. Obama tried many times!
Note to self: Feb 8 - FBI Anon Leak on Brennan & Comey indictments becoming public...+6