I'm sharing this information on vaccines because, any many of you know Samsel, Seneff and Moms Across America found glyphosate in vaccines in 2016. For your information. I hope you will watch the series.

Vaccine injuries show up in many forms that most of us do not recognize as a vaccine injury. It is not just autism people. In my own family there are a number of members with optic nerve damage a/k/a lazy eye, sensory and behavior issues, learning disabilities and the slew of auto immune issues that none of us knew were caused by a vaccine. Most of us do not even know what an auto immune illness is.

No matter what side of the fence you are on, I urge you to watch this series. See what the evidence is and the data that has been hidden from us. If it was so easy for these government officials to toss data in the garbage can in the case of the MMR vaccine, what else have they hidden from the public? The information that was supposed to be given to us by law by the doctor's offices, was never given to us. They took away our right to know about the side effects, the possibility of death, our right to decide for our families.

Finally, in case you think you've crossed that bridge and vaccines don't effect you, Big Pharma has an action plan, Healthy People 2020, a date by which they plan to have every adult in the world vaccinated with the current schedule and 135 plus vaccines that are now in the works. They are doing this because it is so profitable. They don't have to worry about being sued. What few lawsuits get filed and won are paid by you, a tax that is put on every vaccine sold.

You have a right to know and a right to decide what you put into your body, right? Not if we all do not stand up for our rights to protect ourselves and our children. Pharma, through the buy out of our legislators will see to it that you have no choice. It's happening now in California and legislation has been enacted in New York State that will add more vaccine requirements for your children and forced vaccines for adults as well.

You think the landfill is a problem, just wait till you to learn what pharmaceutical companies have done to your kids with the stamp of approval by your government.

"Vaccines Revealed." Episode 1 starting tonight at 9 pm.

This may be the last time we get to see if for free. Call your friends and family members and ask them to watch it. Here is the schedule...


From: Dr. Patrick Gentempo

“There is an urgent cultural problem where there exists extreme conflict, contention and confusion regarding one of the most significant and controversial health debates of our day, forced vaccination. This has resulted in unprecedented oppression where government regulators, working unethically with multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies, have violated the rights of parents in deciding whether or not they want to inject potentially dangerous and at times lethal vaccine substances into their children. Further, the rights of health care professionals to speak freely regarding their views of vaccines have been trampled on with the threat of ridicule, censure and de-licensure. Additionally, workers are being forced by their employers to subject themselves to vaccines and the media has attacked anyone who questions today’s compulsory use of vaccines.

Vaccines Revealed exists to be a beacon of light that shines uninhibited truth on this critical subject. By aggregating the world’s leading experts on vaccines into a global forum where unbiased knowledge can be freely shared, we endeavor to be a resource for millions of enlightened parents and concerned people worldwide who wish to evaluate this topic and form an independent opinion from which they can act in their own interest.”


“People have asked me, “why are you doing this?“ This isn’t what I wanted to do. But I had a choice. I could put my head down and walk away from it – pretending I didn’t see it. Or, I could get involved and take the risk of doing that. And I have taken those risks and I have endured what came along with it, but I have endured it happily.

Because I believe that if I can spare one kid from getting this injury – from that pain…. God gave these children lives, and these companies are stealing that from them. That is a crime. That is assault and battery. It’s child abuse. In some cases it’s even worse. I feel like I didn’t have any choice about getting involved with this fight. And once I got involved with it, – I’m going to fight it until the end. And I’m not going to stand down. And I’m not going to give up. And I’m going to fight for you – and I’m going to fight for your children.”

Vaccines Revealed - Hosted by Dr. Patrick Gentempo

The Biggest Public Health Experiment...Ever - Your kids are already a part of the experiment...and you’re next. 9-part online docu-series.

Episode 1

Andrew Wakefield, Gary Goldman, Toni Bark
• The Autism/Vaccine Connection
• Chickenpox
• Unknown Dangers of Vaccines

“...we do know that cancer rates have gone up as the practice of vaccination has grown.”

Episode 2

Suzanne Humphries, Sayer Ji, Mary Holland
• The overview of vaccines and the history of vaccine use
• General Vaccine information
• Legal Vaccine Overview
• The Vaccine Court

Episode 3

Episode 3 – (Includes “Vaxxed” Movie Presentation)
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Scott and Melissa Miller
• The Anthrax Vaccine and its devastation on our military
• Mercury in Vaccines – Thimerosal

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. talks about Vaccine Court, Simpsonwood (1991 secret meeting of CDC scientists and Pharma reps where they decided to cover up the data that vaccines were harming, mainstream media), Scott Miller, filmmaker, vaccines in the military, Gulf War Syndrome, Anthrax, 20 minutes of the film "VAXXED."

"I've spent my life working on energy issues, environmental issues and global warming and rivers, but I've taken a hiatus to do just this issue because I cannot stand by and watch these children be poisoned, an entire generation of children being poisoned now...and we're going to take them on and beat them we're going to sue the government, pharmaceutical companies...we're figuring out different way to litigate this..."

Episode 4

Brian Hooker, Dawn Loughborough, Sara Bridges
• Autism
• Vaccine Injury
• Political Activism
• CDC Fraud

Brian Hooker - He's a PhD in biochemical engineering, has been conducting biotechnology research for over 25 years, currently an Associate Professor of Biology at Simpson University, and also science advisor for the Focus For Health Foundation.

"There is no doubt in my mind that the vaccines that my son received caused his autism...It seemed as if every vaccine he received, would cause more damage..."

"...I was following the research at the CDC which at that point even though the CDC had not officially published any research on thimerosal, we knew because of some of the things that we being leaked out that the CDC had found a relationship between thimerosal containing vaccines and autism, especially within the first month of life. The CDC was actively working to cover that up with very dubious statistics and I knew something was dead wrong...

...and then the race was on. The CDC was trying to cover up this relationship. I was actively at that point calling CDC researchers, giving my input on their studies, studies that they were doing in the United States, studies that they were planning to do in Denmark, Italy, the UK. The CDC was so desperate at that time to find any population of children that would somehow indemnify thimerosal, that they were going to Greenland, they were looking at cohorts of individuals with autism in Greenland somehow to use that particular population to say there's no relationship between the thimerosal that you get in the infant schedule in the United States and autism. They were completely desperate and so I knew at that particular point in time I had to get involved."

Dawn Loughborough - She was an Executive Senior Consultant with Price Waterhouse. She's a Senior Program Manager with a background as CEO of an investment firm, and she obtained her masters degree in Law from the University of Baltimore.

Sarah Bridges - She is a Ph.D Neuropsychologist. She was a Senior Executive for a $1.7 billion fortune 1000 company, and a practice leader for the assessment of business at Personnel Decisions International, and innovator in the psychology and organizational consulting field.

Episode 5

James Chestnut, Kelly Brogan, Sayer Ji, Gary Goldman, Stephanie Seneff
• Aluminum
• Gardasil
• Flu Vaccine
• Vaccine and Big Pharma Fraud

Tonight's episode will reveal what Autism and Heart Disease have in common. And how it fits into the Vaccine Story.

See why Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. Senior Scientist at MIT, makes this startling statement @ 1:54:40. "It's very disturbing where we are headed right now - and I see no end in sight."

We'll be delving deeper into the flu vaccine specifically. The independent voices you'll be learning from in episode 5 are willing to stand up against the so-called science of our modern flu vaccine dogma. These experts purely feel the need to communicate the dangers of the flu vaccines to the public so that people have better information, real information to prevent vaccine injuries. In spite of being told that the flu vaccine in particular is perfectly safe - (hey, we're even told it's safe for pregnant moms, infants and the elderly) - turns out it's probably not so "safe". The flu vaccine contains toxic amounts of mercury. We've been lied to by the media... -stating over and over again that mercury was removed from all vaccines. That's simply not true. The flu vaccine still contains mercury - an extremely toxic heavy metal.

You will have the delight of hearing from Sayer Ji again, and finally - Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. In addition to the toxicity of mercury - you'll hear from Stephanie about how toxic aluminum is to us - especially our precious small children. These, and other serious toxins in our vaccines are causing great grief in families - right now.

The findings on the "adverse events" findings on Gardasil will have you shaking your head in disbelief. This is such an urgent and important message.

James Chestnut, D.C., B.ED., M.SC., C.C.W.P.

“It's absolutely unequivocally absurd beyond belief and yet they're getting away with it.”

“They're going to make it mandatory...but now they're saying if you don't get the flu vaccine you have to get the mask. I want to make something...this is really important to me that what this does is it makes the people who get a flu vaccine believe that when they go in there and work with these people that they've protected them and they don't wear a mask. That's the tragedy, that if we actually want to be patient advocates here, everybody, what we have to understand is that if that flu shot has got false data to back it up it means that you're walking in there without a mask on because you believe you're protecting those people and you're not. That's where this does the most harm for me.”

Episode 6 - (Includes “Vaccines Syndrome” Movie Presentation)
Brian Hooker
• Vaccine Injury
• Fraud
• Aluminum & Mercury
• Autism Epidemic

Part 2 Brian Hooker and world premiere film Vaccines Injury regarding vaccines in the military and first responders. Hooker discusses how CDC scientist Wm. Thompson contacted him, the information he provided and how he was able to legally record four phone calls to prove it.

"Tonight, as a part of Vaccines Revealed docu-series, you can see the World Premier of the film, Vaccine Syndrome, from Oscar nominated filmmaker Scott Miller.

It will show you what we are doing with our dangerous, untested vaccine program making lab rats of our military."

Episode 7

Sherri Tenpenny, Patrick Gentempo, Gayle DeLong
• Fraud/Corruption
• Flu Vaccine
• Vaccine Safety
• Financial Conflict of Interest
• National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.: Polio, Smallpox, Monkeypox, Scarlet fever eradication, herd immunity, HPV three extra office visits, bullying to push $100,000 worth of vaccine inventory that has time period to be sold, Wakefield.


"I’m afraid that too many doctors have become “glorified drug reps”

"If you asked your doctor, “name 3 ingredients in that syringe”, most doctors wouldn’t be able to tell you. I feel it’s our responsibility as doctors to stand up for patients and stop stuffing them full of drugs."

"The National Vaccination Injury Compensation Program has been a disaster. ... It's a complete kangaroo court that's set up to make it look like we're trying to do something to compensate people who are injured by these vaccines."

"I can remember cases of my own that broke my heart...I remember the one father I put in jail for shaken baby syndrome, which is the person that I will never forget as I am looking into the eyes of his child and thinking, feeling very pompous about identifying shaken baby syndrome and watching the police haul this gentlemen away in handcuffs behind his eyes, I will go to my grave remembering that look on his face knowing now what I know...and to think here's his child who's dying and I'm the one who put him in jail and that's the reason why...and people will ask me why don't doctors get it, why don't pediatricians get it, and I always say it's because they'll have to do their own forgiveness work because they'll walk into their chartroom and look at all those charts...maybe I played a role in that, maybe that was me by injecting all of those kids and ignoring the signs and ignore when the parents when they would call me and tell me their kids were crying and saying oh, that's normal, they're just going to cry...and if they really realized what they were doing to destroy the human race and the dna of humanity they would have to stop, drop to their knees and say God forgive me and turn around and do something different..."

Episode 8 - (Includes “Trace Amounts” Movie Presentation)
Brian Hooker
• CDC guidelines and cover-ups
• Vaccine Science and Realities
• Vaccine Schedule
• Autism Connection

Part 3 of Dr. Brian Hooker's interview. Hooker talked about the cover up of the link between the MMR vaccine and autism. The top people at the CDC called a meeting and everyone was to bring all their copies of this study and they were told to put it in the trash can provided in the room. Dr. Thompson kept a copy of the study, including an electronic copy.

See transcript of Dr. Hooker’s interview at the bottom of this post.

What is thimerosal? From Trace Amounts page…

Thimerosal is a poison, neurotoxin, cancer-causer, and can interrupt the immune system and the normal development of an unborn baby or a child. Thimerosal is so toxic that putting it on your skin is illegal. However, the government not only allows but also defends its injection into the population, especially pregnant women and newborn children, as part of influenza vaccines currently recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Episode 9

Sayer Ji, Brian Hooker, Jack and Heather Wolfson, Dan Pompa
• Vaccine Solutions

Sayer Ji again! Make sure and catch what he says about “hazmat suits” in doctors offices in the first 5 minutes and the most controversial vaccine of all time… Gardasil.

You’ll be appalled when you hear what Brian Hooker (quickly becoming a watcher favorite) has to say about that @ 22:32 in this episode.

Dr. Heather Wolfson. Heather is married to Dr. Jack Wolfson - a Board-Certified Cardiologist. Dr. Heather Wolfson has a view on health and healing that will really reel you in and wait until you hear how Dr. Jack Wolfson was vilified for his atypical views on medicine @ 49:14.

AND FINALLY this is what you’ve overwhelmingly been clamoring for. I can’t even count the number of messages, emails and reaching out that you’ve done, with this singular question:

“Dr. Gentempo, what do I do now?”

Well, you are in for a real treat. Dr. Dan Pompa - a Cellular Detox Expert will be talking expressly about this issue - for those of you who’ve had those questions. You’ll be leaning in for this one. (See transcript of Dr. Pompa’s interview at the bottom of this post.)

Episode 10 extended

Dr. Tony Bark interviews Dr. Diane Harper on the HPV Gardisil vaccine and Merck, "Godmother of the vaccine movement," and founder of the National Vaccine Information Center, Barbara Loe Fisher, part 4 interview with Sayer Gi, Dr. Terry Wahls, the Check family and their attorney, Patricia Finn, on their legal battle.


Dr. Harper: “You see for Gardasil that protection is about forty percent. You see for Cervarix you see that it only has two types in the actual vaccine. That protection was ninety-three percent. So it shows that Cervarix has much more protection against HPV types that aren’t even in vaccine than does Gardasil. You don’t see that difference advertised because Merck was the first to market and they were a year and a half ahead of GSK. It truly is the marketing principle that one, which is whoever gets to market first gets over 90 percent of the market share and then people are anchored in what it is they purchased, what it is they think about and it’s very hard for them to change to something else.”

“So the public needs a simple message but unfortunately, that message was created by a for profit company and the simple message was at the time it came out, get Gardasil and your daughter will be one less meaning one less cervical cancer victim. Well in reality, she was never going to be a cervical cancer victim if she had gone on with her pap smears. So the concept of using fear to sell vaccines was prominent and knew that it could get a reaction from the public about I want to protect my daughter, I want to be a good parent.”

Dr. Bark: Do we know that injecting HPV dna in the bloom stream directly is safe? Where is evidence that … I understand in natural environment HPV is skin-to-skin, I understand that, but do we have any evidence to show that injecting HPV dna into somebody’s blood stream is safe

Dr. Harper: No.

In conclusion,

Dr. Bark: So it’s as though the vaccine and the whole marketing campaign around vaccine has reduced good behavior.

Dr. Harper: That’s right, and that is going to hurt women in the long run.

Dr. Bark: It will put them at higher risk for missed cancers.

Dr. Harper: That’s correct.



Dr. Bark: Is it law that doctors have to give informed consent on vaccines?

Fisher: It is a federal law under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act that doctors are supposed to give parents ahead of time written information about the benefits and risks of vaccines and a description of vaccine reactions. Now the vaccine information statement that the CDC publishes is partly in existence because of that law and safety provision. Now we know that a lot of doctors don’t give parents anything because there’s no punishment or sanction in the law for not complying with the safety provisions.


You can purchase the series at their website. Also fyi, you can purchase a Jump Drive (All Episodes & Transcripts) for a much lower cost. To get to that option, you have to add a series to the cart, go to the cart page and look for the Jump Drive option down at the bottom left of the page, add it to the cart, delete the series option. Also fyi, I have no connection to this series and I get no monetary compensation for sharing this information.
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