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I see the problem, and a solution. Let them slug it out, get it over with.



If Donald Trump Fights North Korea, We All Do. You don’t want war with North Korea. But do you want Kim Jong Un to be sitting on a warhead that can take out Chicago? That’s probably the choice.

North Korea has played its pair of twos better than any other county in history. To reclaim the upper hand, we have to stop their nuclear weapons program. If we use force to do so, we must be ready to go the distance. I am not advocating for total war with the DPRK, but I am pointing out that this horrific outcome is becoming increasingly likely and, if it comes, will involve millions of troops, thousands of pieces of artillery and missiles, hundreds of aircraft and ships, and, cost tens of thousands of casualties and untold amounts of treasure.

Past Presidents set this in motion, now President Trump has to clean up the messes with the Nork's!
Luke 8:17

James 1:12