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I see the problem, and a solution. Let them slug it out, get it over with.
OMG. Are you kidding me? Let them slug it out! That will lead to a nuclear World War III. All those atomic bombs exploding will put so much debris in the air it will cause a "nuclear winter" and reduce the amount of sunlight coming to the earth for many years. We will have frost every month of the year. Thus it will be impossible to grow crops and the human race will slowly starve to death.



Under such conditions, it would only require a matter of days or weeks for daily minimum temperatures to fall below freezing in the largest agricultural areas of the Northern Hemisphere, where freezing temperatures would occur every day for a period of between one to more than two years. Average surface temperatures would become colder than those experienced 18,000 years ago at the height of the last Ice Age, and the prolonged cold would cause average rainfall to decrease by up to 90%. Growing seasons would be completely eliminated for more than a decade; it would be too cold and dark to grow food crops, which would doom the majority of the human population.

President-elect Trump and President Putin must publically acknowledge and discuss the peer-reviewed studies that predict a U.S.-Russian nuclear war will likely wipe out most of the human race. All nations and peoples have a vested interest in eliminating the nuclear arsenals that continue to threaten their existence.

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