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Go Trump! He continues to put Barry to shame everyday.

And it is driving liberals nuts. Evidenced by posts on this blog. smile

More like the Liberals are getting a day of Christmas in January-February- March and April. A day hasn't gone by that we haven't gotten the opportunity to say "I told you that Trump hasn't the temperament or skill to lead this country" Hell, you Republicans said it yourselves but now that he lost by 3 million votes and had the Russians manipulate the electoral college, he is the president and somehow he's suddenly "smart" WELL, explain this phenomenon of a village idiot doing the unthinkable, making a fool of themselves 83 days out of 83 days?

Remember son, if he was sooooo smart, why is he "dumbing down" as of late? whistle

Right ON Mac.

Anxiously awaiting a response to this from our well-heeled, Ivy League friend.
whistle whistle
"Everything that has ever happened to us is there to make us stronger."
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