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HWS was worried about paying a "street benefit". They own property on South Main, Pultney, Hamilton and St. Clare and that is a lot of frontage.

hws could have made a 'donation' close to what taxes would have been to help out the city taxpapers

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Some property owners would have paid more under this plan. This is not theoretical as specific properties were actually identified.

their property tax bill would have went down because all property owners would be sharing the cost

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Here is an example I knew of: an elderly couple living in a multiple family residence on a corner lot, one side of which was a double lot. They did not have the rental unit rented, but they were still listed as multiple family on the tax rolls. Because of their age, military service, etc. they were taxed at less than assessed value, but they would have gone away with the benefit district.

they were still paying nearly 3 times more compared to canandaigua per year so where were the councilors all those years?

canandaigua offers trash pick-up with their lower taxes so where were the councilors then to help out the geneva taxpayer?

the city has a 'live where you work' program
just use that money to cover that one homeowner

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Some members of the Council said they would support this benefit district only if every one's taxes decreased and that was not going to happen, but in the end it was the complexity of trying to figure out who what pay which rates that defeated this plan.

so when the city taxpayers have paid nearly 3 times more in property taxes per year compared to canandaigua for less services were where those few councilors then?

where were the few councilors when the city taxpayers were paying double for the duplicate 911 service for many years?

where were the few city councilors when hws took countless properties off the tax rolls leading to higher taxes for everyone else?