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What happens if the batteries are proven to be good?

some brands of thermostat are known to be unreliable

unmount the thermostat from the wall and then connect the two wires going to the furnace or use a jumper

if the furnace activates then the thermostat has failed

the older mercury thermostats were far more reliable than the newer non-mercury ones

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a thermostat is wired to 24 volts DC and the batteries are solely for the benefit of maintaining your preset programs.


the 24 volts only runs thru the thermostat to activate the relay in the furnace

the batteries operate the micro electronics functions of the thermostat as the mercury switch has been removed

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Why would you dismount the thermostat when the terminals are right in front of you and a piece of wire can be used as a jumper? Better yet, when using your logic, why not just touch the correspondent wires together to operate the furnace or AC? Ever hear of a multi functional thermostat which control the AC and furnace? Ever hear of a remote thermostat than can be regulated from a different location, ever seen an RTU system?
It's disturbing that you give advice on a subject that you know nothing about, ALL thermostats are reliable whether you purchase it from Walmart or spend $200.00 at the plumbing and heating store. The basic function is there, you pay for the added features and capability.
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