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my air conditioner just wont work .=(

sometimes the easiest thing to check first is if the thermostat has batteries to check/replace the batteries

Better yet, grab a fluke meter to see if 220 is there,

furnaces run on 120 volts not 220 volt grin
most homeowwners do not own a meter for testing voltage wink or know how to use it

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if there's no current, check the breaker.

or just check the breaker first because most homeowners do not own a test meter

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They call your style of operation "A##%$ Backward."

the batteries in the thermostat are more likely to run out of a charge before your situtation would present itself especially if the thermostat operates the furnace and the air conditioning functions

but you knew all that...

What happens if the batteries are proven to be good? secondly, a thermostat is wired to 24 volts DC and the batteries are solely for the benefit of maintaining your preset programs. You know what they call people like your self? Fool or emergency room patients.
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