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Quit targeting President Gearan. He and his wife have done much for this community.

herez an idea

the geneva school district is starting to spend $30 million to replace the sports fields

rather then spend the $30 million just have hws let the local school use their sports fields and stadium

the cost to bus the students over to hws during the year for sports should be only about $20,000 or less per year

if the $30 million is divided over 30 years than that would be about $1 million per year for the cost of the 'newer' fields

the local school district would save around $980,000 per year ($1 million - $20,000 bus costs = $980,000 savings per year to the local school) by not spending the $30 million for the 'newer' fields

hws has more than enough sports fields to share

geneva 2020 is not just about books but also could be about sports improvement by hws shairing their fields