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Quit targeting President Gearan. He and his wife have done much for this community.

howz about this idea

have hws president gearan set up a small fire station on hws campus

when ever there is an emergency on hws campus their fire station will be the first responder

the response time will be almost immediate because they will be located on campus and not the other side of the city like the current fire stations

the city fire station response time is greatly reduced because they have to tend with traffic either on main/south main or pulteney street - both high traffic streets --- the traffic problems are a result of hws not providing enough parking for their staff and students (whoda thunk whistle)

if the hws fire department needs assistance after arriving on a call then the hws 'fire chief' can call to the city with details

this would eliminate false alarms by hws

this would allow the city responders to deal with actual emergencies for taxpayers and not waste their time with hws false alarms

the city would not be putting their staff at risk with hws false alarms

savings on gas, wear and tear on city vehicles

hws could pay for their own fire staff, their fire trucks, their equipment, their building, their pensions, their healthcare, their training, their 911 call center... and the city would save money

all city councel members should move forward with this idea as it will save city taxpayers money