God morning Thomas, I'm told that NY received a great deal of snow, hope that all is well and please be safe. Now, in regard to Trump's budget, it's been a proven fact for the last 4 decades that people with little education, special gifts such musical interests or mathematical prowess see very little need to invest in those areas which benefit children and associated areas, thus the obvious understanding from you or other like you who live menial lives.. I find it interesting as well that you Trump supporters fail to realize Mr. Trump's poor comprehensive levels in regard to reading (Please, this is no joke, the man is slightly dyslectic like his son, math and other classes were minimal but when you have a rich and powerful father, teachers and professor listen) It's an old proverbial saying from many parents "I didn't go beyond 12th grade and look at me" A child is force to stand there and observe Dad wearing a shirt with a name ironed on the front while Mom wears a hairnet in her profession. They call that repeated and dysfunctional parenting which is the reason we see people such as yourself living basically out of their cars with no means of being self sufficient and contribute to society adverse to sucking off the teats of the Federal government.