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HWS was worried about paying a "street benefit". They own property on South Main, Pultney, Hamilton and St. Clare and that is a lot of frontage.

HWS is worried about a 'street benefit'

the local newspaper had an article that HWS has had numerous calls PER DAY for false fire alarms because HWS does not want to put in a system to root out the false alarm calls

how about the city charge HWS a $20,000 charge PER false alarm calls

a false alarm call puts the fire/emergency responders at risk, it puts at risk ACTUAL emergencies situtations that should be handled over a false alarm from HWS

10 false alarms per day from HWS at $20,000 per call multiplied by 365 days in year = $73,000,000

10 x $20,000 X 365 = $73,000,000

the city could give HWS a volume discount whistle and only charge them for half or $36,500,00

that pays for the yearly city budget with a sizable surplus

or HWS could spend some money to correct their false alarm problems and it would save the city money and not put emergency responders at risk