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Of course Pete is the same guy that wrote an editorial complaining that the taxpayers of the school district were not paying for his health insurance even though he was living with a teacher.

did pete sign up for obamacare?
does pete give his employees healthcare coverage?

Don't know, not sure if he has written about that. Do no the school district (taxpayers) was not required to cover him because NY does not recognize common law marriage.

one would think that a 'successful' business owner would not only pay for his own healthcare but also his employees healthcare

wonder if he reduced the number of his employees so he would not have to cover his employees under obamacare?

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Of course, now (under King Andy) the taxpayers are required to pay for coverage of live in same sex couples, married or not. Ironic isn't it.

NYS pays the most for education and ranks at the bottom

remember it is all about the students 'teachers' and their over generous benefits
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