Looks like the zoning board has rejected the congregations effort to at least save the property and make it into something that lets it be used and not bought by Hobart. Today's article in the FLTimes mentions that one of the reasons it was rejected was because it would affect the character of the neighborhood. Really? No kidding! But did any of those objecting really think about this? NO. All they were concerned about was keeping things the way they were. Oh no, we don't want more people using Trinity Church! It was so quiet and peaceful with the dwindling congregants. I can't deal with more traffic. Uh, hey dipstick -- you live on Main Street.

People need to wake up and understand that things don't stay the same as they did when you were a kid. Times change, neighborhoods change. Goodness knows Geneva has changed since I grew up here in the 60's and 70's! Some good, some not so great. On some level more traffic means that your city is actually having to deal with a good problem to have!

What I see is a church group that instead of hanging on until the building is falling down and no one is coming to mass, they are looking for ways to move on and leave what is a great building to another set of people that will appreciate and take care of the place. The uses they are proposing would not be a big change from when this church had a full house every mass and on holidays. Come on.

Trinity is too much a part of Geneva to just let it go without a fight. If people were soo worried about property values, how much would an vacant church property be helping your assessed value?