Subway chicken in Canada was part meat, part something else, according to DNA analysis

In Subway’s case, the results were so unusual that the team purchased additional chicken to test. The lab analyzed six orders of the chicken strips and seven pieces of the oven roasted chicken. Averaged across all samples, the roasted sandwich meat proved to be only about 50 percent chicken by DNA. The strips were just over 40 percent chicken. The rest of the DNA, as the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported, mostly came from soy.

Monsanto Cancer Suits Turn to EPA Deputy's 'Suspicious' Role

Plaintiffs say the litigation has turned up documents showing that Rowland, who was an EPA deputy division director, was “straining, and often breaking, ethics and rules to benefit Monsanto’s business." Internal Monsanto communications reveal a push to publish the report by Rowland’s Cancer Assessment Review Committee to “preempt other potential actions or inquiries about the dangers of glyphosate," according to a court filing.

Another exhibit is a letter from a former EPA scientist to Rowland arguing there are scientific grounds for the EPA to reclassify glyphosate from a "possible human carcinogen" to a "probable" cancer-causing agent.

PAN Vietnam Welcomes The Ban Of Paraquat And 2,4-D

However, the ministry would still allow the trade and use of the products for two years under the phase-out period upon imposing the ban.

Prepubertal subchronic exposure to soy milk and glyphosate leads to endocrine disruption

Animals treated with soy milk with glyphosate (both doses) showed decrease spermatids number and increase of epididymal tail mass compared to control, and decrease in the diameter of seminiferous tubules compared to soy milk control group. Animals receiving soy milk supplemented with 100 mg/kg glyphosate showed decrease in round spermatids and increase in abnormal sperm morphology, compared to control.

Gene Drives: A Scientific Case for a Complete and Perpetual Ban

These are the harsh realities that regulatory systems have long ignored. Having failed to protect the population against synthetic chemicals and failed to protect the environment from GMOs, it is illogical to expect that regulation organized on conventional lines will protect us from gene drives or any other wild GMO organisms.

This leads to just one conclusion. Unless a radically novel system of regulation can be invented, we should forget about gene drives. Just as we would have been better off foregoing agricultural pesticides and fungicides because regulatory systems lacked the rigor to oversee them. Gene driven organisms equally must never be released.

College Students Show How Easy It Is to Use Terrifying Genetic Engineering Technology

Heirloom & Organic Transplants

GMO-ethanol corn contamination raises concerns about another “StarLink” disaster

Food corn buyers say Syngenta’s Enogen GMO corn is contaminating non-GMO white corn fields, creating a potential “trainwreck;” may be linked to bad masa flour in California.

Experts urge revision to pesticide guidelines following toxicity study

“The sequence effect and carry-over toxicity is currently not considered in environmental risk assessment, so this has wide-reaching implications. Guidelines for allowing chemicals such as pesticides to go on the market must be revised to look at mixtures over time, e.g. different sequences of pesticides.
Toxic Mixtures in Time—The Sequence Makes the Poison

A scientist’s journey from devout GMO believer to skeptic - 2014

Belinda Martineau, Ph.D. was a genetic engineer who helped develop the world’s first commercially available genetically engineered whole food, the Flavr Savr™ tomato. But during the development of that tomato, she says “was transformed from a devout believer in the promise of agricultural biotechnology into a skeptic wary of its uncertainties.”

Elevated Urinary Glyphosate and Clostridia Metabolites With Altered Dopamine Metabolism in Triplets With Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Suspected Seizure Disorder: A Case Study - William Shaw, PhD

Conclusions: The pattern of metabolites in the urine samples of the males with autism are consistent with a recent theory of autism that connects widespread glyphosate use with alteration of animal and human gastrointestinal flora. That theory is that the normally beneficial bacteria species that are sensitive to glyphosate are diminished and harmful bacteria species, such as Clostridia, that are insensitive to glyphosate, are increased following exposure to glyphosate. Excessive dopamine, caused by inhibition of dopamine-beta-hydroxylase by Clostridia metabolites, in turn, produces oxidative species that damage neuronal Krebs cycle enzymes, neuronal mitochondria, and neuronal structural elements such as the neurofibrils.

Coffee Farmers Sue Monsanto for Hiding Cancer-Causing Impact of Glyphosate

The Kona coffee lawsuit is one of many glyphosate-related lawsuits Monsanto is currently staring down. Reuters reported in October that personal injury law firms around the U.S. are gathering numerous plaintiffs to build mass tort actions against the agribusiness giant.;ts=1467011574

Syngenta Terrorized Scientist for 15 Years to Quell Concerns About Atrazine

In the featured video, Tyrone Hayes, Ph.D., a UC Berkeley professor of integrative biology, explains how Novartis (which later became Syngenta) hired him to investigate the effects of atrazine on amphibians, and then blocked the publication of his work when they didn’t like the results.

Grower hopes non-browning apple slices change shoppers' minds about GMOs

They will be sold pre-sliced in 10-ounce plastic bags (ugh, more single-use packaging), based on the highly successful baby carrot model; but unlike the pre-sliced apples that are already sold in stores and served in school cafeterias and Happy Meals, the Arctic slices will not be doused in chemicals – at the time of slicing, that is.

Experts clash over accusations made in HBO show on GMO crops concerning seed costs, pesticides, and resistant weeds.

Idaho sugar industry plans a response to GMO critics

“Hershey, Danone and Del Monte – I could show you a list,” said John McCreedy, president of Amalgamated Sugar, which is owned by farmers. “We have lost 15 percent of our customers who used to buy beet sugar and cane sugar interchangeably based on price, quality and delivery service. They will now not buy beet sugar regardless of the price because they want to be able to label their food products non-GMO.”

Mondelez Overhauls Snack Line as Deal Talk Rattles Food Industry

he Vea products are slated to reach shelves across the U.S. in July, and they will eventually be expanded to overseas markets -- where the company generates most of its revenue. Mondelez also is removing genetically modified organisms from Triscuits and will tout that the crackers are made from just three ingredients.

Eat food from California? Scientists Question Safety of Using Waste Water From Oil Fields on Food

5 minute NBC Bay Area report.

And The Award Goes To…

No matter how you judge this year’s current lot of favored flicks, we think there should be a couple more movies in the spotlight because of their commitment to the preservation of non-GMO food sources and consumer education.

Will the ConAgra 100% natural case end up in the Supreme Court? By Elaine Watson, 27-Feb-2017

POM v Coke got there, but will another high-profile food litigation case – this time over GMOs and 100% natural labels on cooking oil (Briseno v ConAgra) - also end up in the Supreme Court?

Punitive damages allowed in farmer lawsuit against Syngenta

Sipkins ruled in a test case involving six of around 60,000 plaintiffs whose cases have been consolidated in Minnesota. It’s scheduled for trial in April. It’s separate from similar proceedings against Syngenta in Kansas and Illinois.

Live longer without GMOs? Earth Fare removes them from private label products

GM Mustard Case Returns to Court in India

GMO Only Causes Problems': Serbia Maintains Import Ban Despite WTO Demands

Miladin Sevarlic, a Professor of Agriculture at Belgrade University, told Sputnik Srbija that since 2013, every one of Serbia's 135 towns and municipalities have adopted the ban on GMO. Sevarlic disputes the claim made by GMO supporters that genetically modified food is the solution to feeding the world's growing population.

'GMO Free Arizona' rallies against Monsanto

2017 Non-GMO and Organic Grain Production Contracts

The following companies are offering contracts to farmers to grow non-GMO and organic grains in 2017.

Brussels ‘will block’ GM food from Britain


Since the genetic modification of yellow pineapples in 2005, Del Monte Fresh Produce (DMFP) recently received approval from the Food and Drug Administration, to sell the genetically modified pink pineapple in U.S. grocery stores.

FDA, EPA approve 3 types of genetically engineered potatoes

The first generation of Innate potatoes has been sold in stores under the White Russet label. Cole said the company hasn’t decided how it will market the second generation.

The company is currently at work on a third generation that Cole said will have protections against additional strains of late blight, all coming from genes within the potato species.

Scientific American: Dirt Poor: Have Fruits and Vegetables Become Less Nutritious?

Because of soil depletion, crops grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today

The Organic Consumers Association cites several other studies with similar findings: A Kushi Institute analysis of nutrient data from 1975 to 1997 found that average calcium levels in 12 fresh vegetables dropped 27 percent; iron levels 37 percent; vitamin A levels 21 percent, and vitamin C levels 30 percent. A similar study of British nutrient data from 1930 to 1980, published in the British Food Journal,found that in 20 vegetables the average calcium content had declined 19 percent; iron 22 percent; and potassium 14 percent. Yet another study concluded that one would have to eat eight oranges today to derive the same amount of Vitamin A as our grandparents would have gotten from one.
Arty turns 11 this summer.