IN AMERICA: It usually starts small

Mr. Trump complaining that the news he doesn’t like must be slanted started out slowly.

A comment here and a comment there. Just a touch of complaining at the beginning of his campaign.

(Some may even have cheered this practice. I mean, really, who hasn’t wanted to tell someone off when they say something you don’t want to hear?)

And as the campaign went on he started to complain a bit more. And then a bit more.

And now that he’s the President he complains almost constantly. So much so that it’s now normal to have him make the most utterly outrageous statements concerning the media and we all just sit by and let him rant...

I wrote this column with a great deal of understanding of how a dictatorship starts. My mom grew up and lived through Hitler’s Nazi Germany, and as a child I heard stories that you didn’t read in our history books. I sat at the dinner table after we had eaten and Mom would talk about the Nazi party members intimidating anyone that didn’t agree with them ... how my grandfather was accosted over and over for not spouting the party doctrine that was broadcast over the airwaves. And how the news media was your enemy.