Buyer's remorse is an understatement but I think that we will agree that Trump's words and actions are not surprising to a majority of the country. The radical portion voted for and prayed that he would do all the vile and despicable things he promised to do during the campaign while the normal rationale dealt with that mentality which has been around for centuries. Remember the Salem era when women & men were construed as Witches and Warlots if they didn't fit the norm? How millions of human being were brought over only to be treated like farm animals, we as American saw no harm in taking advantage of the Irish and Italian to use them to build our structures, took Japanese American to containment centers to be monitored,Native Americans were deemed "heathens or savages" Our Moms and grandmothers were considered second class citizens, the list goes on but my faith is in the 65% of Americans who will stand up to this radicalism ultimately and say "enough is enough" That 35% ? Well, we must contend with them until the end of times. whistle
The astounding aspect of the 35%, the most vile and under educated feel compelled to be the outspoken surrogates due to their non relevancy and feeling left out toward the movement.