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There's an old saying, if you're a good husband or wife, the likelihood of having one mate for a lifetime is very possible. lets think about that for a minute, Trump has been married several times, he has been bankrupted several time, he has been sued hundred of times, are getting the drift here?if he had done his homework and payed special attention to detail, character and past situations, we would not had to contend with a Flynn debacle. Funny how all the smart people warned Trump of these landmines but the idiot as always proceeds without hesitation. Do you think that we are at the end of this rough ride? The worst is yet to come and that's a guarantee, not because of wishful thinking but when you have a fool that blindfold themselves and state that they're going to cross both directions of traffic on the NY Thruway 100 times, more than likely, we're going to read about another casualty.